A $ 300,000 house সহ with underground terror

Talent can be given divinely and unequally. Most artists believe in Prodigy, the lucky few who were sent here by some God to bless and destroy all our lives. We do not want to believe in their existence. Whatever the medium, it’s hard to counteract the notion that some people are naturally good at what they normally work hard to do. In fine arts, there is always a child who can draw immediately and better than anyone else. There is always a child who hears divine whispers and pulls out of the rock something that no one knew could be there.

I vividly remember seeing a Bernini sculpture for the first time in real life. I was prone to tears, but I cried, tears streaming down the beautiful marble floor of the Roman Museum. Loud. Intruder. US. It is almost impossible for me to explain what a rare genius Bernini is. Seeing a Bernini in person is the closest thing to believing in God as an adult. There is a sculpture, Prosperina rapeWhere Bernini carved marble is not just a hand that holds a woman’s fleshy upper thigh Indent Because that hand. The skin around the fingers has been pierced in the thighs, playing with the waves. Her hamstrings have been fully defined up to her knees. The whole thing is made of marble, carved from a single stone, cut out little by little until that hand comes out.

Michelangelo used to say that God told him what was inside the marble block and that it was his job to reveal it. That’s why David’s head is flat. He just fits. If Bernini says he is God, I will believe him. The power of those sculptures cannot be trained. There is something else. Something instinctive. Some blessings or curses. Some ability to drive with your eyes closed and never hit anything. It is awesome and beautiful to look at personally, something that is so rare and out of the realm of ordinary people. It’s as annoying as it is inspiring.

The most frightening thing about believing that some part of the talent is innate is that you have not cultivated it. God willing. God can take away.

I had nightmares that I woke up and couldn’t write anymore, that I woke up and forgot to form sentences. I imagine how high school athletes feel about the possibility of a major injury, but 100 percent is much more unreasonable. It’s a fear that you have to bury deep inside you to continue your day. But it is a fear based on reality because sometimes, when you at least expect it, it is much harder to write than before.

For the first time in two weeks, my brain was feeling clear. I was able to get back to my projects dumped next to my desk. I was able to write again. My ability is coming back. Bernini gives again. I’m burying fear under me again and I’ll try to forget it’s there, but you really can’t. You don’t forget anything with the ability to jar you.

I imagine this awareness of my brush with the lack, about my recent inability to write, my reminder that the fear of how to sit right behind your chest bone and eat your air, what it would feel like to live at home this week.

Today’s home was sent by reader Chris, who sent it along with the subject line of the email: “This house will keep me awake tonight. Maybe forever. “What time was the email sent? 1:29 am


He ended his email and said: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. No matter what you do, don’t look at it before you go to sleep. I did and it will keep me awake for a long time. “Nothing can scare me but my brush with lost literacy, but I guess let’s turn around a bit.

Today’s home is Marietta, Penn between Philadelphia and Baltimore. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2,178 sq / ft. It is listed for only 297,000. I do not see the house at that price!

Let’s get into this, shall we?

Screenshot: Jillo

Oh yes. Starting strong (terrible). Here we have a very small driveway for a regular size house. The house has three (3) different types of exterior walls. We have a first floor stucco, a wooden second floor, and a wall that looks almost completely vertical but hangs for some reason. I don’t like it at all.

Another thing I dislike this fence. Listen, I believe in privacy. I think you should get the thick screen you want. I think the ring camera is unforgivably immoral. I think you should never post videos or pictures of strangers without their permission. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a fence around your front yard. Nothing says you’re hiding shit like a hidden front yard.

I guess go inside anyway.

Screenshot: Jillo

All right, ah. We are here. We have some white-washed floors. We have some large ole crossbeams on the roof. We have stairs that are made of very beautiful red wood. We have railings and lamps that look like pottery granary catalogs. We have this big sofa and we have two doors. It is difficult to know which of these doors is bigger. Looks a little in the corner but looks much bigger like a coffin shape for a cool-headed person.

Let’s just go ahead and move on.

Screenshot: Jillo

This is a house that has obviously fallen victim to the trend of open floor planning. What was clearly a separate dining room and kitchen is now a strange open path that adds nothing to the space. The kitchen is mostly good. I like the shape of this cabinet and the layout is very nice. The floor, though, doesn’t work with anything in this house. They are both very modern and together like a barn. Either way would work, but these owners chose none.

As Chris told me, “I can’t understand the layout of this place. The wall closes from the front porch (fairly, that opens up a large part of the wall), to the faint flow of the interior. It’s weird and uncomfortable.” I agree! This kitchen door seems to be going back to the front patio, but I don’t want to go back there, so I guess we’ll go upstairs.

Screenshot: Jillo

I can’t explain how much I hate it. At first we have this completely different floor that looks like it highlights Sally’s hair cap with a colander-like hole. Then we have all unequal. There are different levels of landing and ceiling. There are these weird 90s lamps. What are you supposed to do in this place !? For this reason, it is not necessary to open everything. If it is within the walls, it could be a nice little library or a place to study or relax. Rather it is a crime against beauty.

Screenshot: Jillo

All right. Let me take a deep breath. Everyone listens to me.

I understand, I do. I like to do things myself. It’s fun to do a small project, let it occupy your life, get into a big problem, start again and try again. But sometimes you have to admit that you are out of your skills and you have to hire someone. Every hour you can hire many helpers who will help you. They will prevent you from adding wood siding that looks like a point shifting fence. Will they protect you from placing a half brick wall on top of the regular drywall?

It may be old to me, but even an electric fireplace scares me with carpet. Why do you want to burn down your house? What’s that secret?

Also! Who puts a mirror directly in front of their desk. Maybe it’s meant to be a kind of vanity space to get ready, but there’s a common bathroom a few steps away with a ring light mirror!

Oops! Get me out of here

Screenshot: Jillo

Next, we have this big room. It has a small veranda so you can see your fenced patio. It also has this giant gun safe. If you are going to get a gun, you must have a safe one, so I appreciate it. But usually the safe of the gun goes to the toilet. I went to look for the closet, but this house only has strangely narrow built-in and no closet. There is really no way to design With A gun is safe. My guess is you can put some magnetic poetry in it.

Here’s what I think of the primary bathroom

Screenshot: Jillo

It’s the kind of sink I’ve ever seen in an expensive and small New York City hotel room. They are terrible. The moment you try to wash your face, you will find water everywhere. Does that waterfall sink? They scatter. Why would you want that in a normal sized room out of me.

Terrible, terrifying. Let’s look at the back yard.

Screenshot: Jillo

That’s great! Hell yes! From how dull and gray the whole house was, I was hoping it would just be a rock here, but look at this! Corpse! I want to laugh here! Imagine if you made it a garden. You can raise all your own food! You can plant wild flowers and get free flowers for your table every week! What a beautiful land.

We saw everything in this house except the door of that terrible coffin. It’s time. We have to be brave.

Let’s open the door.

Screenshot: Jillo

Oh no! Hey no no no no no no! Oh no!

It’s a cave!

Do we dare? I guess let’s go inside.

Screenshot: Jillo

I can’t explain how much I don’t like it. It’s a cave, sure. But it looks like … a man-made cave. These are hand-made walls. Why? Who will keep these handrails safe? Why would anyone want to go here.

Okay so we go down all these stairs … is it a ramp?

At the end of the description of the house in Jillo it says: “Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the actual cave in the basement! Bring your ideas, or fascination with history and see this unique house! Chris added:” What history ?! You just can’t put it there !! And why is there a ramp on the steps from a moving truck ?! What was there! ??! ”

Great point, Chris !!!!!

I guess here we go!

Screenshot: Jillo

All right. We entered the cave. It’s terrible and I hate it. What is it for? A wine seller? Who has a wine seller? I’m trying to be really optimistic here, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Without leave All I want to do is leave. Let’s get out of here.

Wow! That was very close. Did you climb the ramp / stairs? I did. Climbing the stairs and slamming the door behind us seemed the safest, didn’t it? We will. We’re out now. The cave will always exist. It will scare us. But for now, we are safe, here in the sunlight.

This week’s house is listed at িল 279,000 for 49 days in the district. If you bought the house this week, please be careful there.

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