AFL: Dyson Hepel’s response to Luke Parker’s Dylan Schill scandal was condemned by Kane

Port Adelaide’s Great Kane is upset at the suggestion of Cornelius Ascendant captain Dyson Hepel that he was not in Luke Parker’s scorn for Dylan Schill, saying the reaction was a sign of the club’s plight.

Happel was grilled at the prospect of making fun of Shil’s effort on Parker’s ball during Sydney’s 58-point win over Ascendon on Saturday, and said he didn’t see the exchange’s perspective until it was shown in a TV interview on Fox Footy. .

The 30-year-old’s response to Cornelius’s disbelief continues to shake his head.

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“I think it’s amazing that the Ascendon football club captain didn’t see that vision on Monday night,” Cornes told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“Even if he’s not on social media, if he doesn’t read the papers, you’ve got a media manager out there whose job it is to brief their players. He’s going to a live TV interview on Monday night and he didn’t. I saw the vision. I found it incredible.” Coaches (and) players are briefed before each of their media appearances that they do.

“It’s probably a reflection of the whole club and how they are managed. Dylan Schill is the most under-fire player in the competition right now.”

Cornes noticed Happel apparently not addressing the incident with Schill, who was whipped by Ascendon at the start of the club’s 2-7 season.

“(Happel) didn’t pick up the phone to call Dylan Schill, the captain of that football club and under the pump. His courage is being questioned six times,” Kornes said.

“He didn’t talk to her, he didn’t discuss the matter, he didn’t see the point of view. Six times the opponent’s player (Shiller) is questioning courage, and the footy club captain didn’t call his teammate. Show some support.

Matthew Lloyd’s plea for the bombers to be harsh

“I think it’s incredible, and it’s a reflection of how the club is doing right now.”

Hepel’s fiery response came after Shiloh’s teammates sharply criticized former Ascendant captain Matthew Lloyd’s lack of revenge for Parker’s remarks, and Lloyd was adamant in his initial comments.

“I grew up in a different era where it was a game where you could probably go a little farther, but I wasn’t talking about 50 meters and I was bowling on the condition that someone be suspended,” he said. Footy is categorized.

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“I think Melbourne is playing the foot of a ruthless, tough brand. Ascendon is broken in competition, broken into unrivaled property. They’ve lost ten goals in the way they’ve played. So to me, why not try something, why not throw your weight around?” , Why not try something to stimulate the players around you?

“We told Andrew McGraw all this four or five weeks ago, but nothing is changing.”

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