Against all odds, the Spanish Grand Prix was not boring

I occasionally give lectures on publicity dramas, which means that this Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix was made for my busyness, if not enjoyment. The Spanish GP is usually annoying for a number of reasons, but the extremely hot weather and pre-race drama create a recurring question, at least for the Ferral-Raccoon-type observers out there: who is the bad car friend? Is it Aston Martin for stealing? For the Magnassen or Hamilton clash? Red Bull to replace Sergio Perez?

Hard entertainment! Barcelona’s last four races have only changed around the same top-three finishers ল Lewis Hamilton, Valetri Botas and Max Verstappen যখন ever since I became reasonably self-realized, it was a true coup.

Aston Martin (formerly known as Racing Point) started the weekend with the second theft scandal in three years, this time avoiding the pink Mercedes for a green bull. The B-version of the AMR22 was unveiled on Friday, and Red Bull was immediately displeased. Aston Martin said the car was already in development before the Red Bull car was released and they were surprised to see the Red Bull so similar. (Investigated by FIA, Where Aston Martin was able to prove that the B-version was in the air tunnel in November.)

Former chief Red Bull aerodynamicist, Dan Folos, officially started at Aston Martin on April 2, as one of the few Red Bull workers who changed. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner didn’t think so Very happy about the overlap, Though his concept should be familiar as the new in-house engine development program, Red Bull Powertrain, is overflowing with former Mercedes engineers. In more hilarious Snippy News, the Red Bull was also drawn to it on Friday A green version of the Red Bull is sitting on their peat wall.

Does it further help or curse Aston Martin that their performance this weekend was clearly weak, with both drivers out in Q1 and failing to make it to the points? Probably both. On the one hand, it doesn’t make much sense for them to understand the car if they launch upgrades that do very little for them. Theft never wins. On the other hand, the whole scandal becomes more memorable if the upgrades do nothing, Sebastian Vettel’s psychoanalyst pulls the car to almost the point despite trying to evade the “old man lost his will, passion” allegation. .

Despite Vettel being 16th in the grid and Hamilton sixth, Lewis spent a decent part of the race holding Hamilton’s hand in the middle of the pack. Hamilton landed there with Kevin Magnusen thanks to a first-lap carfull that punctured both drivers and left the rest of the pack about half a minute behind.

Magnasson said on the radio shortly after the clash that Hamilton “knew what he was doing.” Onboard, Magnusen has never been completely with Hamilton, which would be the FIA’s first verdict in such a situation. However, Magnusen has half the width of the track on the outside and he can have enough space as long as Hamilton is at the top. It is not. Hamilton barely underestimates the beats and they touch. The angle that Magnusen takes is hopeful enough that even if Hamilton doesn’t underestimate it, they can touch it, but we’ll never know. The hint that Hamilton and Magnusen were deliberately pushed out of the fancy new Mercedes package with no reason to collide with the smile is certainly wrong, especially when Hamilton enters the corner of the racing line. (Magnusen later admitted that his radio message was said in the heat of the moment.)

Hamilton had a great recovery drive and he finished fourth. Unfortunately, since Hamilton can’t buy a piece of good luck this season, both drivers will have to lift and go to shore for the cooling problems of the Mercedes car or otherwise risk a DNF, and Hamilton easily bypasses Sange at the end of the race.

But in the last few seasons Charles Lecler vs. Ferrari has to be the biggest driver vs. car race. There was a very fast 2019 car that got involved in an illegal engine scandal, then in the middle of a horrific 2020 and 2021 in terms of unpublished illegal engine penalties. Thanks for the pole position, a great start, A winding turn 4And George Russell is giving Max Verstapen Conspiracy with his broken DRS For many laps towards the end, Leclerc neatly won a race for him before suddenly giving up the power unit.

Fortunately for Leclerc, next week’s race will return to a home in Monaco, which is a country accused. And if we examine Leclerc’s historic results in Monaco ও oh no. Poor thing.

With Leclerc’s departure, the Red Bull had nothing but reliability that could keep Verstapen or Sergio Perez away from winning the race, despite Russell’s best efforts. It only made room for one last play: peer drama, the best kind of drama.

This is not to use Hamilton-Rosberg or, Red Bull example, Vettel-Weber, but when Verstapen got stuck behind Russell and pushed the DRS button 50 times out of frustration, Perez finished a pit stop and radioed the team to order Verstapen. Let him go so he can easily pass Russell, equipped with a functional DRS. At this point, the team had already instructed Perez to let Verstappen go once, and perhaps Perez had a chance to get some staff justice. The Red Bull told Perez that they had different tactics, and did not pull the trigger.

However, after both drivers had crossed the Great George Russell wall and had 1-2 lock-ups, the unspoken (Red Bull reliability) barrier was pulled by Red Bull Perez to let Verstapen go again. Worstapen would probably have overtaken Perez, and the Red Bull had saved themselves so that the drivers would risk running their cars and engines against each other. Unfortunately, this is also a frustrating decision, especially since Perez didn’t pull a Delightfully Evil 2013 Sebastian Vettel and actually listened to the instructions. Perez was also unhappy, hitting the Red Bull, “I’m happy for the team, but we’ll talk later.” Being a “great teammate” is probably the F1 equivalent of being a “great locker room guy” in terms of compliments you’re not sure you’re really happy with.

The funny thing about the game of ethics in Barcelona and in general is that the legitimacy of the situation book is irrelevant to the question. So who is the bad car friend? Lawrence Stroll, Kevin Magnussen and the Ferrari engine, probably. And Helmut Marco. It’s always Helmut Marco, somehow.

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