Alex Zavrev undergoes ankle surgery after Roland-Garros injury

Alexander Zverev underwent surgery to repair an ankle injury during the Roland-Garos semifinal against defending champions Rafael Nadal.

Zaverev collapsed in the mud on Friday, weeping in agony and holding his lower leg. He was assisted by a trainer, who was then wheeled out of court.

The 25-year-old confirmed on Wednesday that he underwent surgery at home in Germany to repair three lateral ligaments in his right ankle while twisting his ankle while chasing a ball in the second set.

Xavier expressed his frustration in an Instagram post, expressing embarrassment over his situation. Next week, he will overtake Russian Daniel Medvedev to become the No. 2 player of his career.

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“Each of us has our own journey in life. This is my part. Next week I will be ranked 2nd in the world in career high rankings, but this morning I had to undergo surgery. , “He wrote.

Xavier explained that surgery was the best option to speed up his recovery.

“To return to the competition as soon as possible, to ensure that all the ligaments healed properly and to restore complete stability to my ankle, surgery was the best choice,” he wrote.

“My rehabilitation begins now and I will do my best to come back stronger!

“I’m getting a lot of messages and would like to thank everyone again for their support during this difficult time.”

Zverev has been dropped from Wimbledon, which starts on June 26.

It was a bitter blow as he could be the top pick at the All England club with a ban on Russian and Belarusian players.

Zverev now hopes to return for the final Grand Slam of the year, the US Open, which starts on August 29.

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