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Alastair Clarkson joked that he was interested in taking a vacant assistant coaching role with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, but he remained calm when the matter inevitably led to the GWS Giants taking over.

Leon Cameron resigned as coach of the Giants on Thursday and, clockwise, Clarkson was immediately named as a potential successor.

But the legendary AFL coach made little concessions when asked about his thoughts on Fox Sports. AFL 360.

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“I’m interested in exploring whatever my options are, and it can be inside the foot, it can be outside and it can be on the field and it can be off the field,” Clarkson said.

“Honestly, there are 18 clubs here and hopefully 19 clubs will be competing soon so I will not hesitate to be a coach.”

Clarkson, the most famous of Hawthorne to manage four AFL flags, spent time with Golden State while away from the game, which began late last season when he was forced by the Hawks to give Sam Mitchell a shot in coaching. Club.

Clarkson is a close friend of Warriors coach Steve Kerr and, after Mike Brown scored the top gig at the Sacramento Kings, an assistant coaching position is open at Golden State.

“I mentioned before the show that Mike Brown had just taken a job at the Sacramento Kings and he left the inauguration of assistant coach at the Golden State Warriors,” Clarkson laughed.

“I’m open to being there with Steve Kerr and being able to do some work in the playoffs in the last part.”

Leon Cameron has resigned

In addition to the professional development Clarkson has made at Golden State since leaving Hawthorne, he has been an integral part of Tasmania’s push for an AFL license.

And while the 54-year-old said he enjoyed the taste of his administration, he admitted that working with some of the NBA elite reminded him of his fascination with top-level coaching.

“I’ve been able to get the teeth in the work that I had to do for the Tassi government and the Tassie taskforce, and I’ve really enjoyed that front-office type of role,” Clarkson said.

“But two weeks ago I was right at the heart of the Golden State Warriors and they played in a play-off series against the Denver Nuggets. Coming back and buzzing in the stadium … it was just like, ‘God, I want to be part of Cut and Thrust, Cutting Edge and Coalface’. “

Clarkson insisted that if he returned to coaching in the AFL, he would do so for just one reason.

“It’s going to depend on one thing for me. I want to join again because I want to win it,” Clarkson said.

“And if I don’t think I’m a guy who can take a club or a group of players to win it, then I’m out of the game.

“I have other things I can do and other emotions that I want to pursue.

Crowe on Clarkson’s early departure

“First and foremost, whether it’s a one- or two-year term or a five- or six-year term, it’s just like, ‘I’m only coming back to this for one reason and that’s because I think this team can win it.'”

Cameron led the Giants in 192 games after taking over from opening coach Kevin Sheddy before the 2014 season.

Cameron led GWS to five final series in six years, during which time the club played two preliminary finals and the 2019 Grand Final.

The Giants have won at least one final each season to qualify under Cameron.

Mark McVeigh, 49, will coach GWS for the final time on Sunday, before taking over as interim coach for the rest of the season.

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