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Let me start by saying: You cannot underestimate the importance of Jasper Wang, our vice president of revenue and operations for defector media. Of course, the rest of us “write blogs”, whatever that means. But the whole effort depends not only on our blog writing, but also on paying for the blog. Jasper’s job is to turn our words into real pay, from which we can make a living, support our family, and sometimes even take vacations. But perhaps more importantly, he ordered a huge spread of our smoked fish, bagels, skimmers, and other Jewish delicacies for lunch yesterday. He even allowed me to weigh it before ordering! I told her she had to order a healthy salad.

What is a healthy salad? This is the MVP of the Jewish Daily Party. Yes, it is quite a strong adoption. But listen to me.

Health salad is one of those dishes where every boob is going to make it a little different. Like chicken soup, this dish has an element of “throwing away whatever you have left”. The only ingredient that is absolutely essential is cabbage-and I mean A lot Cabbage and some types of vinegar. From there, the dish reflects its roots with the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe: you will probably find some cucumbers, onions, carrots and radishes thrown there. But you may also find tomatoes and bell peppers and other vegetables that may be in season or around the pantry. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. However, unlike that dish, you don’t mix it with mayonnaise. This is what makes it Health Instead of salad, your liquid is a mixture of vinegar (probably apple cider vinegar and white vinegar) and some oil (eh, whatever you like) and salt and sugar to taste. Do you want a recipe? It looks better to me than Nosh.

It’s a huge pile of vegetables without mayonnaise! It’s clearly healthy! Health salads are closely related to vitamin salads in Eastern Europe, as The Nosher points out, and “this style of salad got its healthy-sounding name because it is in contrast to the many rich salads that make Soviet food, which tend to be. With lots of mayonnaise or sour cream.” To be created. ” That being said, look, it was before Blender technology and no one had access to Endive, except for a $ 20 green juice, so we were working with what we had. I don’t know the proper nutritional breakdown of Health Salad, but it has kept my family alive for thousands of years. Of course, this is not a sexy salad, but no one calls it a sexy salad.

That’s why my advice to you is, whenever you eat your favorite smoked fish and cured meat, drop some healthy salad on your plate. You don’t have to be crazy, just one or two stiff scoops. My personal recommendation is that it should take up about a quarter of your plate, which still leaves plenty of room for your sandwiches and pickles.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Did you really fly 3,000 miles to eat vegetables (one hit)? Are You Really Leaving Valuable Plate Real Estate That Can Be Used For More Cut, Scooped Organ Meat (Strike Two)? You had to leave Los Dam Angeles Get something with Health Name (Strike Three) ???

I can’t go back in time and tell my pioneers that “health salad” is bad marketing. Please forgive me. But all other points, tell me this. I suspect that, somehow, my ancestors knew that surviving on a huge pile of smoked or braided or pickled or otherwise preserved meat was somehow, somehow, hidden in a curse vegetable (it was not a pickle.) A few years before phrases like “balanced diet” and “eat your colors” entered our dictionary, they realized that it was important to have these vegetable items on our plates. Don’t ask me how these vegetables neutralize the effect of eating everything pound and pound salty, but they do at least a little bit. Like chicken soup, I have no scientific evidence to say it, but I swear this truth in my grave.

Like yesterday. I have two types of cream cheese (one half plain, the other half scalion), two types of smoked locks (one half traditional, the other half pastrami-style), as well as two servings of pickled herring and some smoked whitefish that I ate directly. I had served two giant health salads and today I feel better. I dare say, I’m even greater. I don’t want to sell to anyone in Defector Media, but not everyone looks very good today. And you know why some people don’t feel great? They did not eat healthy salad.

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