Andrew Johns, Brad Fitler and nine experts picked their winners

Cowboys Origin Rookies Jeremiah Nanai and Ruben Cutter will both be resting for Friday night’s clash with the Dragons, a major setback for spectators as they prepare for battle at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Cotter, one of the Maroons’ best players in the 16-10 win over the Blues, stagnated and made Nathan Cleary’s life a living hell, as well as a threat to his quick footing behind the Queensland rock. The ball.

Although the 23-year-old will undoubtedly be desperate to wear the badge of honor that came with the back-up after an original game, coach Todd Petten is expected to take the decision out of his hands and leave him out of the team to play. 48 hours after the most physically claimed clash in the history of rugby league.

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Nanai will also be playing for the rest of Wednesday night’s ankle injury that forced him off the field briefly.

While the two cowboy forwards will be absent, their teammate Valentine Holmes, who played one of the best origins games of his career on Wednesday, is expected to back up and play his 150th NRL game.

Teen speaks after the thrilling Origin debut

This fact is undoubtedly due to the iconic coach Phil Gold who told the Wide World of Sports. Six tackles with gas The podcast that it sang to his heart was to see the players back up for their club after the origin.

This is the last thing I would say to them in the dressing room (when he was NSW coach) after a win, loss or draw. Gold said.

“Go back and play for your club because they are the blocks that brought you here. You can’t live in this house without them, so you owe them.”

Holmes and Dragons captain Ben Hunt are probably the only two players out of five who also took to the field on Wednesday night to dismiss Tariq Sims.

Tom Dearden, who was a non-playing member of the Maroon squad, will replace Ben Hampton in the fifth-eighth place.

Scroll down for the current leaderboard and round 14 tips from Johns, Brad Fitler and all the expert tipsters of Nine!

Andrew Johns: Cowboy, Rabbit, Storm, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Night, Shark, Eagle

Brad Fitler: Cowboy, Rabbit, Storm, Broncos, Panther, Sea Eagle, Shark, Eagle

Dave Middleton: Cowboy, Rabbit, Storm, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Matt Thompson: Cowboy, Titan, Storm, Rider, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Paul Galen: Cowboy, Titan, Storm, Raider, Manly, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Billy Slater: Cowboy, Rabbit, Storm, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Darren Locker: Cowboy, Panther, Storm, Broncos, Manly, Rabbit, Shark, Eagle

Michael Chamas: Dragon, Rabbit, Rooster, Broncos, Tiger, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Allana Ferguson: Cowboy, South, Roaster, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Peter Saltis: Cowboy, rabbit, rooster, broncos, sea eagle, panther, shark, eagle

Mole: Cowboy, Rabbit, Storm, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

Ben Glover: Cowboy, Titan, Storm, Broncos, Sea Eagle, Panther, Shark, Eagle

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