Andrew Johns, Brad Fitler Clash, Broncos Adam Reynolds, Cronulla Nico Hynes

Rugby League greats Brad Fittler and Andrew Johns have turned their backs on who they trust for the 2022 NRL season.

The pair were at the front and back of the Wide World of Sports Freddie and VIII Johns considers Brisbane halfback Adam Reynolds to be the “one mile” of the year.

Reynolds, who played 231 games in South Sydney before joining the Broncos this year, has pushed Brisbane back to the top eight for the best place of the year and is determined to reach the final after missing the previous two seasons.

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But in Fitler’s eyes, the current New South Wales coach, he gave his hat to Sharks playmaker Nico Hynes, where Cronulla sits one place higher in fourth place on the table for pros and cons.

Highness led the league in linebreak assists with 13, while Reynolds has more tri assists, second out of 11 players.

Transcript: Johns and Fitler Debate Car NRL by the Year

Johns: Adam Reynolds One Mile.

Fitler: Niche.

Johns: Come on dude.

Fitler: Who is at the top of the ladder right now between the two teams?

At the moment, Cronulla [is fourth]In front of Brisbane [who are fifth].

Johns: Brisbane failed to make the top eight, how long – in four, five years?

Fitler: They have access to the largest nursery in Australia.

Johns: But they are disappointed, they got a wooden spoon two years ago. Reynolds.

Fitler: Niche.

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