Andrew Redmine reveals that even Matt Ryan didn’t know about the goalkeeper swap

Andrew Redmine, Australia’s latest football hero, has revealed how secret Graham Arnold’s Hale Mary plan for a penalty shootout was.

The 33-year-old, who was replaced at the last minute of extra time as a spot-kick specialist, said no one but himself, Arnold and goalkeeping coach John Crowley knew about the gambit.

That includes captain and starting goalkeeper, Matt Ryan.

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“Matty didn’t know, I don’t think so,” Redmine later told reporters.

“He said ‘All the best mate, this is your time’ … He was nothing but a supporter, an absolute legend.”

Redmaine said Crowley was playing with the idea – before Louis van Gaal’s Netherlands had a great success at the 2014 World Cup in May.

“The intelligence [of coming on] Floated at least a month ago, I dare say – John Crowley threw some sort of theory behind it and he said ‘get ready for it’ … it was always behind my head for the game in the UAE and for this game, “he said. .

“I don’t think any of the players knew about it.”

That included Captain and No. 1 Ryan – who, surprisingly, took everything in stride.

“I could probably go on it for a few hours, but the group’s goalkeeping union, Vuka, Matty, Jesse and myself, we’ve been through a lot of hell over the last few years,” Redmine said.

Undoubtedly this moment will stand the test of time in the Pantheon of Australian football highlights – but apart from the results, the way both men handled the situation was top notch.

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Redmine was nothing more than humble, when you couldn’t find a better leader than Ryan.

“Matty was full of support, and just before the penalty he was pumping me, preparing me and asking if I needed anything,” Redmine said.

“I am not confused about where I stand on the team and where I stand in football in Australia, but I am glad I was able to play a small role tonight.

“Mattie has played most of the games in this three-year qualifying campaign and he’s great.”

Redmain was generally humble after the game – but despite the fact that he only played a few minutes, they were decisive in this third game for Socrates.

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Like John Aloisy, Mark Schwarzer and Tim Cahill, his name will shine forever.

“These are all iconic memories of Australia’s sporting history, and it’s important to play a small role in moving forward,” Redmine said.

“We’ve been lucky enough to have Tim Cahill over the last few weeks, and he’s talked to the little boys, talked to the team and everyone talked over time, and the big examples, important moments in career and life in general.”

For Ryan, Redmine and the rest of the Saccharomyces – they now have the opportunity to carry on their own legacy, with the tournament set to begin in just five months.

“You have to make your own history, and Timmy has grown a lot in the last few weeks driving in that house; step by step in the moment, and as I said, I’ve only played a small role – I don’t think I’m that I Either way a hero or something, ”Redmine said.

“The guys really fell into a hell of a run for 120 minutes against a good opponent, and they didn’t really limit their chances at all, really.

“My contribution tonight is far less than what the boys have gone through.”

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