Ange Postecoglou News, Alan Brazil Apologies

Former Scottish footballer Alan Brazil has publicly apologized for expressing doubts about the appointment of Australian manager Ange Postecoglu, declaring that he enjoys “eating humble pie”.

Postecoglo is enjoying one of his best sports achievements this week after his team claimed the Celtic Scottish League title in the Australian manager’s first season.

When Postecoglo joined the Glasgow Giants last year, many skeptics questioned whether he was the right choice, as Celtic were knocked out of the title by arch-rivals Rangers that season.

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One of the more iconic moments was when Tottenham Hotspur and former Manchester United player Brazil decided to have fun signing Postecoglu at TalkSport.

Postecoglu’s appointment will be “great”.

But on Friday, Brazil was left to eat his word.

While publicly apologizing on the broadcast, Brazil compared the appointment of Postecoglu to Arsene Wenger, who was transferred from the J-League in 1996, before enjoying the success of the Premier League with Arsenal.

“Listen, I’m glad. I like to eat humble pie and I’m glad,” Brazil said.

“I’ll apologize live now. Angie, different class. What you did. That’s great and I took it back.

“When Arsene Wenger came and I went, ‘Who?’ I didn’t know who they were and obviously David Dane had a lot to do with it and someone saw the talent and brought it in and he liked it every minute. “

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