Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic regains Scottish League title from Rangers

Ang Postecoglu’s Celtic have regained the Scottish League title from arch-rivals Rangers after a 1-1 draw against Dundee United.

This is the 10th Scottish Premiership title in 11 years – and the 52nd overall – for Celtic, the only spot in more than a decade of dominance when the Rangers won the league last year under then-coach Steven Gerrard.

Celtic only need one point in Tanadis to take an irresistible lead against second-placed Rangers. Celtic four points ahead of Rangers.

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Postecoglu could celebrate the championship in front of its own fans, hosting Motherwell on the last day of the Celtic season.

And with the Scottish champions automatically qualifying for the Champions League, Postecoglo will make more history as the first Australian to coach a team in that competition next season.

Not to mention that Celtic raised 23 23.7 million (AUD) just to qualify for the most lucrative competition in football and to reinvest in the squad.

“We’re really proud of the players, the staff and everyone involved,” Postecoglu told Sky Sports.

“No one gave us too many chances. It’s an incredible effort to do what they did and achieve the ultimate. It’s huge.

“The fans had a tough year last year, not only did we win nothing but they couldn’t come to support their team. I’m just proud of the players on this team, they were incredible this year.

“I think our football was outstanding but the character that this team has shown in 31 matches and has been able to rise to every challenge,” he added.

“I couldn’t be more proud of them. It was a bit nervous, that’s normal. These guys kept their heads down and focused on succeeding, but they did it.”

Former Celtic striker John Hartson has given full marks to Postecoglo since taking over the hoops.

“I think Angie Postecoglo did an amazing job when you see where Celtic were at the start of the season.

“He’s got a place in the recruits and his 4-3-3 system is better. We didn’t think Callum McGregor could be better but he’s found a new level.

“He reconnected with the crowd, the players and did an amazing job.”

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