Arian Titmas, world record holder, Katie Ledecky, 400m freestyle

Olympic champion Arieren Titmas broke the women’s 400m freestyle world record of Katie Ledecky, a great competitor from the United States, in a great performance at the Australian Swimming Championships.

After incredibly close to snatching the 200m world record before the Adelaide Meat, Ledecky posted 3: 56.40 on the previous mark of 3: 56.46 during her unbeaten reign at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Titmas registered a time 0.23 seconds faster than he swam to beat Ledecky at their legendary showdown in Tokyo last year.

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The 21-year-old gave an insight into this mentality that allowed him to set his first world record.

“It’s nice now everyone can stop asking when I’m going to break a world record,” Titmas said.

“I’m the happiest person in my life. It’s definitely seen in the pool.

“I’m definitely not putting too much pressure on myself. It’s definitely a healthy amount. It’s a good swimming technique for me; being completely fearless, swimming the way I did when I was 16 and swimming for the first time. National team.”

Although Titmus’ glittering list includes Olympic, world and Commonwealth titles and now a world record, Tasmanians still consider Ledecky to be the greatest female swimmer in history.

Ledecky has won seven Olympic gold medals and 15 world championship titles.

“I believe Katie is the greatest female swimmer of all time. I can’t put myself next to her for what she did in swimming. It’s insane,” Titmas said.

“He’s been at this level for 10 years. I feel honored to be in the conversation.”

Also on Sunday night, Shayna Jack won the women’s 50m freestyle final at 24.14.

Queensland has made a remarkable comeback from two years of anti-doping suspension.

“It was a nervous breakdown,” Jack said.

“I didn’t know if I’d be as fit as I used to be. But I’d love to see everyone call the pool, and away from this week I can stand taller and be proud to wear those colors again.”

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