Ascendant legend Matthew Lloyd urges club to be ‘honest’ and outward

Ascendant the Great Matthew Lloyd once again called on the club to conduct an external review, saying “it’s time for people to be honest”.

In a catastrophic start to the season, Bombers president Paul Brasher indicated last week that an internal review would be implemented, but that the proposed changes would be “incremental” rather than “transformative”.

However, Lloyd was not satisfied with the president’s message to the fans, forcing the people in the club to take an honest look at themselves and where Ascendon stands.

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“I don’t think there was any need for it. You should review it every week, as it should, but I’m not sure why you should make it public to get started,” Lloyd said of Brasher’s message in Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“If they’re going to do a review, I’ll bring in outsiders, because I think it’s time for everyone in the club to open up honestly.

“If you’re reviewing insiders, you’re always afraid it could come back to haunt you. I think there should be a review where outsiders come in and the players can honestly be open about what they think about coaching. Way.

“I’d love to see fitness workers (being reviewed) because they’re getting a lot of injuries, I’d love to see list management (being reviewed), I want to hear from everyone.

“No one should say, ‘Yeah, he’s OK because he’s the CEO, we’ve signed him for two years, Adrian Dodoro is OK’. You may not have mentioned that.”

“If you’re going to do one, I think it’s time for people to be honest. Otherwise you’ll make weird changes here and there and you really won’t get anywhere.”

When questioned, Dr. Footy is categorized Host Craig Hutchison, Lloyd, said his media promise would not allow him to do so if he would be open to being part of a panel that could conduct external reviews.

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“I’m probably not the right person (to review) because I’m sitting here and now. I wouldn’t put myself in that position,” Hutchison said.

“I think there are some great football people out there and I think if there is an outsider’s opinion, they should do it if they do it right.”

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