Ascendon Bombers legend Matthew Lloyd questions Xavier Campbell extension

Ascendant the Great Matthew Lloyd has questioned CEO Xavier Campbell’s decision to extend his two-year term, despite the team’s continued battle on the field.

Campbell, who was hired as Bombers’ CEO in 2014 at the height of the club’s infamous supplementary story, will be out of contract at the end of the season, but Ascendon’s board has reportedly retained him.

Although Campbell was influential in overseeing Ascendon’s financial recovery from the supplement saga, he also oversaw a mid-range product during his tenure, which led to no final wins being recorded during his tenure.

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This on-field record is what Lloyd, the former Ascendon captain, has been scratching his head.

“I think the question you have to ask is: can you be very good at one thing, building your club off the field and with sponsors and all this, but not so much in other aspects of football,” he said. Said. Nine’s Footy is categorized.

Lloyd’s sentiments were echoed by former AFL coach Ross Lyon, who called the decision to give Campbell an extension a “curious” call from the Ascendon board.

“It happened in Carlton. (Former Blues CEO) Kane (Liddell) was very good at sponsorship, but at the end of the day the football piece was sadly lacking,” Leon said. Footy is categorized.

“Isn’t that his No. 1 KPI? Establishing a football culture and program as a CEO. I’m curious about time.

“How can you hire someone who has got KPIs going through them? He’s been there since 2014. It’s a very curious extension.

“You don’t want to lose your most talented players. (Joe) Daniehar, the son of a legend, (Adam) Saad, who settled nicely in Carlton and (Orazio) Fantasia. Some questions have been asked.”

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