Ascendon will begin reviewing the entire football department, the president said

Ascendon president Paul Brasher says the club’s entire football division will go through a wide-ranging review after the catastrophic start of the season.

Brasher spoke to Ascendon members in a video message Monday evening, saying the team was “not as good as we thought it would be” after appearing in last year’s surprise final.

With the Bombers sitting in 16th place with an unbeaten 2-9 record for a 12-round bye, Brasher said football director Shawn Wellman, as well as Kevin Shady and Simon Madden will handle the review.

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“We are currently examining every aspect of our football program,” he said.

“Actions from this review may be incremental in terms of additional resources rather than transformative.

“We don’t want a respectable loss. We’re happy with the effort, but that’s the baseline and we want to improve it and we won’t focus on losing the good in a narrow way.”

Brasher hints that under-fire senior coach Ben Rutten will likely get some help after the review.

“Where do we need additional coaching resources? Do we need to invest more in special skills or fields? We’re looking at that. Support for coaches, including the support of Ben and other coaches,” he said.

“The field of recruitment and list management is one that is going to be much more important this year because of our opportunities.

The cornice explodes with the bombers

“This year we could have reasonably high draft picks, room in our pay caps, and the ability to move within the drafting deadline with trade, free agency and a real head of steam.”

Brascher also apologized for the club’s failure to announce CEO Xavier Campbell’s controversial extension earlier this year, but defended the decision himself.

“The board unanimously agreed to extend Xavier’s contract because we believe he is the best person to provide us with the stability we need and to lead us through this next phase of our five-year strategic plan, including football success.”

“There are many aspects of the CEO’s role, obviously the success of football is the number one priority for everyone at this club ৷ but it is not just an immediate success, it is a long-term, sustainable success and it is one of the many উপাদান components of the CEO’s role.

“If clubs change their CEOs whenever they are going through a particularly frustrating period of weeks or even months in a season, you will see a very high turnover of CEOs in the league rankings.

“Looking at the two successful clubs we’ve seen in recent years, Richmond and Melbourne, I’m sure people saw the role of CEO there at different times, but those clubs were strong, they stuck with them and the result is that clubs get stronger and CEOs gain experience. Has become stronger. “

Brasher revealed that he conducted his own review before deciding to give Club Campbell an extension.

“I conducted a process that involved talking to a lot of people internally and externally, looking at a balanced scorecard of performance against the full range of objectives covered by the CEO,” he said.

“He’s got our full support. He’s surrounded by some very good people in the football program, Ben (Rutten), (Football’s GM) Josh (Mahni) and we believe the combination is going to give us the best chance we can. Sustainable success.”

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