Ashondon’s Anthony MacDonald-Tipunguti has announced his retirement

Ascendon forward Anthony MacDonald-Tipunguti has announced his immediate retirement from the game.

The 29-year-old, who has played 126 games for the Bombers, has not played this season since taking personal leave.

“The bombers gave me a chance to fulfill my dream of playing in the AFL,” said McDonald-Tipunguti.

“I love my time at the club and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in my AFL career. I’m proud of my education, coming to Victoria for my education and it was really important to me

“The club and my teammates have been very supportive throughout my career but I am really happy to be in the next chapter of my life now. I am ready for life outside of football.

“I wish all the boys well for their future, I will watch from afar.”

McDonald-Tipunguti was born on the coast of Darwin in the island of Tiwi and moved to Victoria at the age of 17. He was picked up by the Bombers in the 2015 Rookie Draft and made his senior debut in the opening match of the season.

He was a fan favorite among Bomber fans and was Ascendon’s main goalkeeper in 2020.

“Anthony has been a really wonderful person at the club for the last seven years and we are a good football club for him to stay within our four walls,” said Ascendon football boss Josh Mahoney.

“Anthony is an incredible role model and his contribution to this game is profound.

“We’ve been working incredibly closely to support Anthony to address his personal issues for the past 12 months, and when we miss his talent on the field, we will accept and support his decision, knowing that his ultimate happiness is the highest priority. As it is the best decision for Anthony.

“He will be missed around the club and by his teammates, but we sincerely wish Anthony, his teammates and family the next chapter in his life.

“Anthony MacDonald-Tipunguti will always be an ascendant.”

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