Australia lost to New Zealand in the final for the first time in 20 years

Australia lost to New Zealand in the final of the Men’s Rugby Sevens World Series at Twickenham on Monday (AEST) for the first time in 20 years.

Henry Patterson tried a hat-trick for Australia in the London Sevens final, with Golden Point winning in extra time and a tri-saving tackle that prevented New Zealand from winning after Hutter in control.

Australia’s first win against New Zealand in the Cup final in Brisbane since 2002 was 19-14.

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This was the first time in more than four years.

The Australians are also looking for three teams for their first World Series title, which will be decided in the ninth and final leg at Carson’s LA Sevens in California in August.

South Africa, who lost in the quarter-finals, are two points ahead of Australia and six points ahead of Argentina.

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They beat Australia 22-19 in the pool stage and Fiji 22-19 in the semifinals to advance to the series in the 100th Cup final.

But Australia hit first when Ben Dowling’s break ended with Patterson returning Matthew Gonzalez in the only attempt of the first half.

Aquila Rocolisoa from the stolen kickoff and Dylan Collier’s offload from Leroy Carter’s return to New Zealand.

Patterson tied the score at 14-14 with two minutes left in the second attempt where he burned the New Zealand line at speed.

Then, after the fulltime hooters, New Zealand’s Caleb Tangitau looked to be free sprinting outside but Patterson countered him with a touch, forcing extra time.

From the Australian kickoff, Josh Turner tapped the ball to the Australians and it spread widely for Patterson to run and secure their eighth title in the history of the series.

Patterson was asked which was his favorite, winning attempt or try saving tackle?

He chose tackle.

“It will keep the coaches happy,” he said.

Australian captain Nick Maloff was understandably thrilled after lifting the trophy.

“I’m very proud of our boys’ performance,” Maloff said.

“We talked about working and performing like a businessman and putting in some effort all day, I can’t be proud of everyone’s efforts.

“We’ve worked hard for it so I’m glad we finally got the award I think we deserve.

“We still have to go to LA but for all the hard work we put in, it’s a good result. It’s the first cup final I’ve won or anyone in this group.

“We saw some photos of ‘Chuckie’ (James Standard) in 2010 who won it in 2010 so we knew it was possible – so it’s incredible to come here and do it.”

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