Australian champion kills ‘rat’, ‘snatches’ at press conference

The situation in Melbourne has heated up as George Cambosos Jr. and his American opponent Devin Haney have started verbal clashes, with the Australian calling his opponent a “rat”.

Cambosos joked that he did not know how Hani was allowed to enter the country, due to the “snatching” of the former Aussie opponent and Hani’s colleague, the American, Teofimo Lopez.

“I don’t think they let informants come into the country. This guy is an informant,” Cambosos said.

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“This guy is a rat.

“I’ll tell you why – Teofimo Lopez is fighting a foreigner, his own country, he’s texting me. He’s telling me all the details, every bit.

“In the hookah lounge, too, Teo has problems with his wife.

“It’s a rat, it’s a snatch, it’s an informant.

“Your own countrymen, you were going after him. So you know, on Sunday, I’m going to whip you up.

“And you know when you get back to Las Vegas, you have to look for Teofimo Lopez, because he will look for you too.”

Haney jumped on the bandwagon, repeatedly saying it was all done by Australians – but declined to comment on whether Cambosos was telling the truth.

“I had both sides,” Haney replied.

“If he won, I would fight him. If you won, I would fight you … What kind of rat is that? Do you know the definition of a rat?”

Cambosos later counter-shot: “I want to be more of an actor than a rat.”

Sunday’s bout in Melbourne will be the 28-year-old Australian’s first fight in five years, when he defeated Cry Sethaphone via a ninth-round TKO.

Since then, he has won seven more matches across the United States, Malaysia and England, extending his professional record to 20-0.

“It’s great to be back in the country,” Kambosos said.

“Everyone knows the story of five years of hard work.

“I had to go through every adversity – I had to earn my belt, they had to earn it in the hardest way. Not like this guy, a gift was given.”

Honey is a little favorite with bookies at $ 1.70, the boy from his hometown pays 2.20.

“That’s right, I’ve been an underdog all my career,” Cambosos said.

“Whatever the adversity, just like I was in Lopez’s fight, and I’ll run the business this Sunday.”

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