Australian tennis controversy escalates after Bernard Tomic says ‘Nick Kyrgios’

The feud between Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic has escalated as both men traded insults on social media when the second Grand Slam of the year at Roland-Garros began.

The fight, which lasted for several months until Tomic fired a shot on Wednesday, said Kyrgios had always considered him an “idol” because both players rose to the top of tennis as young men.

Earlier this year, Tomic lashed out at Kyrgios saying he was better than the doubles champion at the Australian Open, prompting Kyrgios to call the former Wimbledon quarter-finalist “calm down”.

“Which way is better? I’ve got a better career, more money, more wins and more returns whenever I can,” Kyrgios said.

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“Now is the time for Bernard Tomic to calm down. He is no longer playing. I have many years left.”

The response prompted Tomic to take his thoughts to Instagram, saying Kyrgios was “growing up in my shadow”.

“He knows he can’t rewrite history. The records I set when I was 16, 17, 18 and 19,” Tomic said.

“He’s always growing up in my shadow.”

“So whenever someone mentions my name to him, it goes under his skin.”

Kyrgios then hit back, posting a photo highlighting Tomic’s recent bad form on the tour, disrespecting the fallen star with a caption.

“Bernard, I didn’t realize it was so bad. I feel bad now,” Kyrgios posted.

“Hit me if you need to help me remember how to play.

“Let’s not forget the time (sic) I gave for your flight home from Shanghai because you didn’t have the money.

“Hahaha write history again, you are the most hated athlete in Australia. You are right, no one can occupy it.”

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