Australia’s Stefan Nero has made history by scoring a triple century in international cricket

Australian opener Stefan Nero breaks world record for highest blind run Cricket International match, unbeaten 309 runs in ODI against New Zealand in Brisbane.

Nero’s 309 came off 140 balls, and easily surpassed the 262 unbeaten previous mark set by Pakistan’s Masood Jan at the 1998 Blind Cricket World Cup.

The Australian opener has now scored three centuries in a row, his triple century adding 113 (46) and 101 unbeaten (47) in the first two T20s of the first ODI.

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His innings helped Australia to a total of 2/541, a goal that was beyond the reach of New Zealand, the spectators were all out for 272 runs.

“Playing for Australia is a dream, scoring a century for Australia is one of those lifelong memories that you will never forget,” he said.

“For me, it’s good to reflect and celebrate. My ultimate goal is to try to run well against the best teams in the world, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They are top notch.

“(New Zealand) There are some good pace bowlers, they were fast and the ball was swinging.

“(We were watching) to go at a steady rate and not lose a wicket directly, it was a problem at the Australian level.

“For us, it was about maintaining a good scoring rate.”

Nero has congenital nystagmus, which means his brain does not get a clear message of what his eyes are seeing.

As he explained after his record-breaking innings, it hurts to spend so much time at the crease.

“Mind, eyes, it’s a big stress that is concentrating. It’s a big stress that I imagine for a person with full vision, but because of visual impairment we expend more energy to concentrate,” he describes.

“Especially when the ball is spinning around, with a glance, it’s really hard.

“The body is fine, it’s the emotional side. It’s something I think people don’t understand. Blinking your eyes for that time can be quite taxing.”

Nero also completed five runs to make his triple century, an innings that was the first six of the series, which was a surprise for the left-handers.

“Sometimes there’s an over where I think I’ll take this guy to downtown, hit him outside the park,” he noted.

“It was definitely a shock when it went over the ropes for six.

“But I was also upset because I had to stop hitting the ball in the air. When you play the best countries in the world, if you hit the air they will catch you.”

In blind cricket, each team must have four complete blind players and a maximum of four partially sighted players.

Nero said it was good to return to the national colors after a four-year absence.

“The last time we wore green and gold was at the 2018 One Day International in Dubai,” he commented.

“Of course the epidemic tries to navigate and obviously everything costs money.

“It’s been a long, long time.”

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