Avs took the best punch from the Oilers

“A series doesn’t start until a home team loses” is the most stupid thing about hockey, which really says something in the same game that swears the danger of a two-goal lead. For one, that means the Hurricanes-Bruins first round series hasn’t started yet, which is going to play hell with the schedule. For the other, it means that many series — say, say, Colorado-Edmonton in the Western Conference Final — will not begin until the lower seed is already 3-0 down. I think the series has now officially started, after the Avs’ 4-2 road win on Saturday night. And if the Tellers think it’s unfair that a series with them starts in a 0-3 hole, well, maybe they should have tried not to be so bad as to snow. Some consideration!

Eulers goalkeeper Mike Smith said: “To win at this time of year, the level of frustration must be at an all-time high.” “It has to come from everyone in the room – and a little more.” Edmonton has played with frustration in Game 3, often but not always including smart or clean play, but it works mostly: they move forward in an unreasonable way; They are forechecked, backchecked, usually outchecked; They knocked out an original Avs player for the series, no matter how long; Smith wasn’t his motto “at least once every 60 minutes I’m going to do a dumb thing maybe a sphere” moment. It wasn’t enough. The most complete game in the Edmonton series is made to win only a little hairy Avs.

It took 38 seconds, and it took Connor McDavid five seconds in his first shift to give the Oilers their first lead since the first episode of Game 1. It was a very trivial thing, and it seemed to be a good thing, Zach Hyman was sure to win a Pak war and the Colorado defense variety and the crowds inside and outside the Edmonton Arena, desiring to do something to rejoice their lost minds.

This is the traditional recipe for snatching a game from a weak team house: a humorous crowd and an early lead, even if it ends with a gentleman’s sweep (five games). There was more reason to wonder why Evander first checked Nazem Qadri on board 30 seconds later. An apparently injured Qadri tried to play another shift, then left for good.

Qadri seems to be on his right hand or wrist. No matter what scans Avs did, they didn’t show good news. “He will at least be out for the series, if not more,” said Avs coach Jared Bedner about Qadri. “It simply came to our notice then. She puts her head first from behind, eight feet away from the board. I’ll leave it there. “

Kane was handed over to a boarding major, though not to the misconduct of the game, as was within the authority of the officers; I’m not sure how this will affect today’s potential DoPS discipline. Player safety (usually) makes a point of judging hits and not results, and that’s the line. Why did he try to draw in his own defense, But I think the distance from the board doesn’t have very good results from this kind of hit. We’ll see.

With more immediate effect, the Avs came back on their heels. Within just a minute of the game and they were down to a goal, they were just below the center of their second line (who is third for both goals and assists for them this post season), and it didn’t really look like their night. But they remained steadfast, not panicked, and Darnell Nurse’s own goal and a lucky bounce from Valerie Nichushkin in the second game of the game. Ryan McLeod will equal Edmonton with a Nifty Coast-to-Coast snip.

Then it’s Jetty Comfort’s turn to feel the pain and ecstasy. Komfer, a fifth-year man, has long been a big part of Colorado’s plans, but injuries and epidemics have made it difficult for him to adjust to any of them. This year, though, he has recorded career heights across the board and has shown some punches in the playoffs, anchoring the third line and heading into Sunday, recording six points in 12 games. I’m not going to call Colorado a more in-depth scoring “requirement” since they’ve won 11 of 13, but if it’s going to come, Avs expected it to come from Compher.

That was before Qadri’s injury; After that, Comper went in the middle of the second line between Miko Rantanen and Arturi Lehkonen, and that’s where you guessed it would be as long as Qadri was out. It’s a big responsibility, and Comper didn’t get off to a great start when he took a stupid tripping penalty shortly after midpoint of the third.

He will do more for it:

“Of course a roller coaster – not the right time to take a penalty,” said Comfer. “From the lowest of the box, wait, and then be able to get one – it’s definitely the highest.”

Rantanen will add an empty-net, and will see it as soon as WCF starts. It was Edmonton’s best shot at making a series, and what they did was make the Avs work a little harder. The Oilers’ Avalanche’s has nothing in common with the often ridiculous, often ridiculous brand of hockey. “Annoying and Obese” Skills and qualifications, as Nathan McKinnon puts it. I’m not sure which Edmonton is closer to the original — first half undechiever or second half overchiver — but no one is in the same class as Colorado. Or there may not be any other team in the league.

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