Basketball News 2022, Liz Cambridge responds to explosive allegations of racism,

Exiled Australian basketball player Liz Cambridge has been hit with new charges of racism and explosives of violence.

After being dropped from the Tokyo Olympic campaign and dropped from this year’s World Cup squad, Cambridge will never play for the Opals again.

The exact reason for his Tokyo withdrawal was the silence of Basketball Australia, which angered Craig Foster, the great of Australian football, and called for transparency.

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It was not until May 8 that details of the fall were published. Former Opal captain Jenna O’Hia told ABC Offsiders that Cambyses told the Nigerian national team to “return to your third world country” during pre-Olympic practice games.

A broader News Corporation report released on Sunday elaborated on what eyewitnesses alleged during the clashes between Nigeria and the fall of Cambridge with Opel and Basketball Australia.

The News Corporation report cites a number of Nigerian and Australian players who have called Cambyses their opponents “monkeys.” A video was also released showing Cambridge violently throwing his elbow at an opponent’s neck and face, which allegedly caused deep scars on the other’s neck.

The practice game had to be canceled after that incident, which reportedly left several players on both teams in tears.

On Monday, Cambridge took to Instagram to respond to the latest allegations.

“The incident that took place during the pre-Olympic clash with the Nigerian team was conducted privately about a year ago,” he wrote.

Why Liz Cambridge has left Opel

“I am deeply saddened and hurt by the allegations made in the Australian media. The recount of what happened is wrong and confusing.

“I did not use racial slurs against the Nigerian group I was promoting.

“I was physically assaulted by this player on the sidelines of my bench after I inadvertently fouled a Nigerian player on the court. I was hit in the face and pushed to the ground but I left.

“Before the game I was asked to sit outside because I was worried about my mental and physical health, which I addressed publicly.

“We did not have professional referees to manage and prioritize the safety of both teams during this time of extreme physical violence.

“This is not an excuse or justification for the events or my actions, however, I think a full picture of the environment that led to this result must be shared.

“I have taken responsibility and accountability for my involvement in what happened. I apologize to the real Nigerian team and I am sorry again that these incidents are being re-arranged.

“I really hope I can move on from this event and make an effective effort to be my best self.”

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