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Emerging Australian basketball star, Sheila Hill says she has finally recovered from the “heartbreak” of being cut from the WNBA last year and is ready to prove her skeptics wrong on the big stage.

In his first TV interview since being dropped from Chicago Sky after just five games, the first-round draft pick and his father, Boomers legend Shane Hill, are exclusively open to the Nines. Sports Sunday It’s about toll on the young point guard.

“So I arrived, I had a training session and I have my first game, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know dramas, first time in America. I’m going on my first road trip in Phoenix. My coach pulled me aside and said, And they cut you off, so you have to go home ‘, the young star told Wide World of Sports.

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As the team boarded their flight, the 19-year-old was stranded at the airport, unable to get any family home in Australia.

“I was lying on the airport floor, I was crying, I was just confused trying to drown everything. For me, I was heartbroken,” he said.

Father Shane recalls the moment he received the news.

“It was tough, when you got the kids it wasn’t so much about the sports side … but when you see them hit,” the Boomers legend said.

“It was very frustrating. To be done in public light … so much success and it was torn.”

Shala Hill returned home and spent two weeks in Quarantine reviving the devastating moment, before dusting herself off and working at WNBL, and was rewarded with an Opals debut in February and February.

“I’ve learned that you’re going through ups and downs and as young as I am, I’m glad it happened early in my career because I have a lot of experience and I’m taking it on board to get better,” he said.

With the World Cup starting at home in October, the 20-year-old has hired a personal coach to work his way up to the Australian squad and continue his proud family history in the sport.

“I know I have to make my time … whether it’s the 11th or 12th person. But my main goal is to be one of the best point guard defenders in the country,” Hill added.

Watch the full interview on Sports Sunday at 10am.

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