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They say any promotion is a good promotion and on that basis the inaugural Super Rugby Pacific Trophy is a smash hit.

The silverware was proudly unveiled ahead of this weekend’s quarter-finals, with organizers proudly announcing that the 54cm-long trophy was “the result of nearly 1000 hours of 3D printing, believed to be the first for an international professional rugby tournament.”

There was a field day on social media artistic merit and there was also a strong opinion on the latest edition of Andrew Mehrtens – five-time Super Rugby Champion – Stan Sports Between the two posts.

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“I don’t want to criticize too much but is it displayed directly from the bat as a rugby trophy or something else?” Mehartens thought.

“I thought The story of the doll. I’m a giant The story of the doll Fans, Buzz Lightair and Woody are going against Jurg. Jorge was Carl Heyman, a former All Black prop. Jurg has nothing to do with it, maybe his cousin.

“It simply came to our notice then.

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“But I don’t think it’s important. The captain will be happy to pick up whatever trophy he wins.”

Between the two posts Shawn Maloney also had thoughts.

“It simply came to our notice then Dr. Strange in Multiverse, It has a cape feeling. But good luck to anyone with a chance to get their hands on it and really party with it, “said Maloney.

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Super Rugby states that “the Pacific blue robe that encloses the Super Rugby Pacific logo embossed ball represents a Pacific ocean wave that reflects the entry of Moana Pacifica and Fijian Drua into the competition for the first time in 2022.”

New Zealand artist Dave Burke added that the trophy’s marine qualities “compare to the ambition of the competition and the way the teams play.”

Putting the artistic qualities aside, Mehertens hoped that the new trophy would be practically held when the winning team celebrates after the June 18 final.

“The important thing, and I’ve learned from experience, is that this trophy needs to be strong,” Mehertens said.

“Because in the first couple of our titles – listen to that arrogance, the first couple – we put Norm Maxwell in charge of the trophy.

“And it came out the night after the final, came with us, and unfortunately when the trophy was paraded in Christchurch on Monday morning, it was minus from base, subtracting a handle, it was beaten and bent. Over.

“It’s a dangerous role to play and the trophy needs to be strong.”

The quarter-finals began on Friday with the Reds playing the Crusaders in Christchurch in a 28-15 rate rematch last weekend.

Revived Varatas then met with the Chiefs in Hamilton in the first of Saturday’s Triple Headers which includes Auckland’s Blues vs. Highlander then Canberra’s Brumbis vs. Hurricanes.

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