Binyam looks like a superstar in the summer making

Benjamin Grimm has fulfilled the promise he made earlier this season, capturing Giro d’Italia’s 10th stage in style and returning a powerful counterpunch to Matthew van der Poel when the two riders settled into a great fun contest. Girmay’s Inermarché team played the stage perfectly, reeling in each of the late-breaking moves that animated the stage and battled with all the big teams toe to keep their star in a position to fight in the sprint. After finding yourself Boxed In the first few sprint stages of the race, Giram placed a big bet on his ability to get off the field and he risked opening things up for his rivals by going first. That’s exactly what he did, and Van der Powell scolded and charged and actually came around for a brief fight with Girmay, only to melt under pressure and flash a thumbs-up to his opponent when Girmay crossed the line as the first black African rider. Conquer a stage of any grand tour.

The story of Girmay’s career is understandably told as the first series so far: the first black African rider to win a medal at the UCI World Championships, then the Belgian Cobalt Classic and now a stage for Giro d’Italia. Eritrean cycling fans and those interested in African cycling projects around the world have been waiting year after year for one of Eritrea’s promising young riders on the world’s largest stage, so it means that Girmey’s achievements are being primarily appreciated. The lens, however, should be a reason to re-evaluate the possibility of Girmey’s star turning through the first half of this year’s Giro. Girmay, who has just turned 22, looks like a rider who won’t be at the top in achieving a bunch of first-row; He looks like a superstar.

Again, Van der Poyle is a useful foil for understanding how strong it is in summer. MvdP is the best straight-up rider in professional pilots. He finished in the top 10 out of 10 of the 11 Monument Classics he has raced in, and he has held the leader’s jersey in the two grand tours he has done. He was also a furious competitor who held the lead and had no business holdings and I left the hull at the very beginning of a sprint which I can remember, so I saw him give his cap tip to Germaire, after losing to him despite being in a good position. , During his debut in his own Giro d’Italia, he tells you a good deal about how much he respects Girome, who is unlucky to win only one single stage of this year’s race. Girme has taken the top five place Already six timesAnd perhaps Arnaud Demare would have won one of the steps he took if he had been lucky with his position.

Giro’s first leg to win the first pink jersey of Van der Powell’s career could also be made in a lab. Many of Peloton’s top sprinters are competing for the first grand tour of the 2022 season, though Journey For the opening stage of Budapest, there is a slight uphill kick towards the end, which denies the raw power of authentic sprinters for better riders like Girme and Van der Poyle. Of course, the Dutchman won, and in the last few meters he did it by scoring a goal. The highlight of the relay is that Van der Poyle’s single speed is low, but that he and Giram are easily getting full gas around the riders. These two boys are on another level.

Like Van der PowellGirmay had a problem with her champagne cork today, although unlike MvdP, Girmay’s problem was serious enough that he had to skip the press conference after his ride because he was taken to the hospital.

I really hope it’s not a serious problem that knocks him out of the race, because there are more fights for him and Van der Powell. He has shown serious finishing power at the hybrid, classic-style level, the ability to fight hard for all small proxy battle positions that determines who will show their finishing abilities and he is making the necessary rescripts to know when to pick his spots. . Winning the Giro Stage is a fantastic feat, but it seems like it’s just the beginning.

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