Blowout season, graft culture, and magnanimous husbandband mode

For your convenience and for ours, Drew and I have made a conscious decision to at least try to stick with the sport in the podcast. Some of it is a matter of playing with our strengths or just our tendencies. We have the experience of being overly confused and bizarrely misunderstood more than anything else about sports and we think a lot more about sports. But there is also the reality of the broader situation, which is extraordinarily dark at the moment. So, actually, talking about that sport Just because it’s not that extraordinarily dark wide thing Almost as worthy, I don’t know, self-care? Self-defense? Or maybe it’s just a matter of knowing our limitations, and knowing our role. If you want to hear me complain about Demi-Crats or how cruel and stupid every thing in culture is now, you can call the amp show, or wait for me to resolve those complaints in a blog post. Conceptually whenever I think about the Diamondbacks bullpen or how to rewrite it.

However, if this week’s episode seems to be scanning at high speeds from one subject to another, the reason we’re doing it is: The floor is lava play equipment in the middle of a rushing river, from one Sports-Y surface to another. Running and trying to make each other laugh. What else were we going to do?

It has helped that there are actually some games to talk about, in every sense. It’s sub-norm that NBA playoffs have become a deadly crush for reciprocity, but we’ve talked about why and what can still be found in it; Drew hints at restraining his famous and long-standing zero-tolerance position where the Boston Celtics are concerned. (It also led me to deal with the rumor that I became a great husband when it came to watching my wife move away from bad playoff games to watch TV. I will say nothing more than that I am a very good boy.) Mayor of Anaheim and Angels The enticing and insanely glamorous scandal involving ownership is frustrating in many ways, but it was also glamorous and uncomfortable enough to give us a chance to talk about the strange mayors of our country and remember the boys of some corrupt politics. While joining the squad for baseball at some highs last week, Drew made a vengeful forgery against the man who worked as MC at the Brooklyn Cyclones Games, and he was not only ready but eager to sue that beef in the podcast. When we thought of Todd Jail, or more precisely his precious black-bound score rookie card, we were rolling – not specifically on either side, but at least talking about things that might otherwise have crowded with fear. Fear.

And that was before we pried open the funbag. There we saw some shiny statues, and swallowed them up terribly. These questions are worrying uh sorry — it missed the opportunity to dap two members of the flagging mall during a brief crossing of the road — but the question of whether to reduce the religious symbols at American sporting events and the airport or the NFL stadium also provides higher volume binge on average. (Since we recorded, I’ve been alerted that the real Rainbow-Wiggle John 3:16 guy is incredibly in jail right now, so I guess that means I learned something from this week’s episode.) At the end of the show, a police car with a siren slammed into my window. Parked downstairs and was there for the duration of the podcast. Is it a little nauseating? A little more? It’s definitely two things. But sometimes it’s better not to talk about it, and just talk about something else.

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