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An emotional Harry Garside reveals the hidden pain that plagued him before defending his Australian title, dedicating the victory to his mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week.

After the pink socks, Garside was well ahead on the scorecard against Layton McFarlane before winning through the seventh-round TKO.

Later, while talking to reporters, he broke down in tears while praising his mother’s fighting spirit.

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“This one was for him,” he said.

“If it happens to anyone in the family, I’m grateful it happened to him – he’s the strongest he’s ever been. So he’ll be fine.

“It was tough, that’s why I wore pink socks. I knew I had to do it for her. I knew she would see, she wouldn’t come because she couldn’t risk being coveted. I knew she would be happy at home.”

He was asked if he thought he was proud of her. The answer? Always.

“I’ve got the best parents in the world. Very lucky,” Garside added.

And when it turned pale compared to the news about his mother, he announced that his hand on the lead was seriously injured.

“The hands are pretty gorgeous,” he said before swiftly apologizing for the oath.

“My hand is very bad, man. That’s for sure.

“I knew they were bad before this fight, but I never backed down from the fight. I will not back down from the opportunity to fight in Newcastle.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a boxer’s nod (to his left). I’m not too sure about that. I’ll scan everything and then whatever the doctor says. But hopefully I have two or three fights before the end of the year.”

Garside said that while he was not making excuses, the condition of his hand affected his ability to land on heavy blows.

“It was a good performance, he was a tough opponent. I really couldn’t load my shots, no excuses, I’m not a huge puncher, I know, but I really couldn’t load my punches because I knew my hand was screwed. Garside said.

“I was happy with the way I was picking my shots. I took a few good, clean shots. Caught with a couple, always a place to improve and get better.”

Garside leaves Newcastle with his title safely in hand and praises McFarlane, who fought valiantly.

“It was a bloody tough fight, mate, my hand hurts a lot. He was a tough opponent,” Garside said.

“He was getting stronger in the first minute of the seventh round, in that last minute before the stop I really had to get something out of my left.

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“He has shown that he is an incredible opponent and he has only one reason to lose before me.”

Much more than expected even after the first few rounds, Garside knew something had to change.

“Johnny said about the third or fourth round (I have to raise it). I wanted to feel the first two rounds, I knew he had several dangerous overhand rights so I had to be wary of them.

“Once I find my grooves on the third and fourth, I can really start picking away.”

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