Boxing News 2022 | Hassan Hamdan has expressed insult to Jeff Fenech which caused a terrible stir

Hassan Hamdan has revealed the sleds that almost caused the post-fight feud between his camp and the coach of rival Trent Girdam.

Things went almost to the next level after the judges announced the score, which has been described as the most vicious on the Newcastle card.

Hamdan, 23, trained with his father, Aussie boxing great Nader, to Jeff Fenech, defeated Girdham in a unanimous decision, battling to record a thrilling comeback win from a first-round knockdown.

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In the final round, Girdam’s corner got angry, shouting at the referee to disqualify Hamdan for throwing, causing their fighter to walk out of the ring.

After the final bell rings, the warriors share a hug, but joy goes out the window after Hamdan is declared the winner.

Hamdan comes out of an exciting girdham ring as he tries to shake hands. Girdam’s trainer, Rodney Sinclair, then insulted the Hamdan camp which resulted in Hamdan Snr. The opponent pushes the coach, before both sides leave the ring.

Speaking to Wide World of Sports on Thursday, Hassan Hamdan revealed what was said in the ring that provoked such a strong reaction.

“I thought I’d go and shake his hand and show him some sportsmanship but they stopped and he walked away without shaking my hand and his coach came up to me and said ‘you got Jeff Fench’s privilege’,” Hamdan said.

“That means we had the judge by our side. So my dad pushed him a little bit. He was a little excited but he loved me.”

“Jeff said, ‘Let’s all fight together if you think you can win.’

“It’s not my father’s representation, he’s just sticking to his son.”

Hamdan, who took his professional record to 5-0 with a win, said he was surprised by the comments.

“I don’t really like what he did, he didn’t fight at the end of the day and I can’t score,” he added.

“I’m just coming to show my respect to someone else with whom I shared the ring. It just shows what kind of person he is.”

Hamdan is accompanied by a fighter who trains with Giridham after the bout, which clears everything for him to talk to his opponent in the shed.

“I later went to her dressing room and shook her hand and wished her the best of her MMA career. They did not know that I was carrying a hand injury that led to this fight which kept me from fighting for the last two weeks,” Hamdan said.

“I’m still upset about being left out and there’s still a lot to learn. I’ve seen the fight. There’s already a lot I can do better and better in training. I have to implement it. War.

“I’ve never dropped out in my life, it was a weird feeling, just a flash knockdown. I felt cold but I knew I had to get up and work for the next five rounds because I lost 10-8 in the first round.”

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