Boxing News 2022: Justice Honey vs. Joseph Goodall

By Chris de Silva and Zachary Gates

Boxing fans didn’t have to wait until Justice Honey Square with Joseph Goodall on Wednesday to see the animosity explode.

The drama began at the end of a fight between monster heavyweight Marvin Feterica and Twice Voussiutu at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena, which was set in four rounds but decided in only one.

The referee ended the bout by awarding him a TKO victory after a 20-second massacre by Vausiutu.

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This caused the two men to close each other’s mouths, before Vusiutu’s instructor fired some barb shots.

“Strict words continue,” said Ben Damon, a commentator on the main event.

Feterica’s coach extinguished the tension and, over time, descended into the ring to find himself trapped between two large units.

And Feterica then waited for the referee to declare Vossiutu the winner, leaving the stadium.

“A different boxing class from Vausiutu,” Damon added.

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