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Lucas Brown had three words for his skeptics after he was brutally stabbed at Junior Fuck in Melbourne – “I never gave up”.

Hulking Heavyweight Champion Fake took less than two minutes to deliver a brutal shot that should have ended the fight immediately.

The referee strangely allowed the fight to continue despite Fa’s apparent position, and then Brown took about 30 seconds to send his opponent back and force the referee’s hand.

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After claiming a resounding victory, the 43-year-old Brown stormed to the side of the ring and made boxer-to-commentator Barry Michael a proud one.

Michael was one of the many people who questioned whether Brown’s fighting career was over, and the elder took the opportunity to let everyone know that he still had it.

Even when he left the ring he shouted “I never left” because he jumped into the palm of his hand and shook hands with someone within reach.

“What a victory,” said Michael.

“Well done Lucas – he’s got a crush on me because I thought he should retire, but he’s got me wrong.

“I just thought it was a tough quest for Lucas Brown. But the last thing that goes with any boxer is your ability, and he’s got a lot of energy.”

Brown was embarrassed more than 12 months ago by rugby league great Paul Gallen, who pushed the former world champion to a 90-second knockout in Ulangong.

Brown has only fought one more time since then, beating Faiga Opelu in a knockout in Fortitude Valley.

Brown spoke to the media after the victory in Melbourne.

“Deadset I’ve got the ability to knock out anyone in the world,” Brown said.

“The reason I don’t throw it is because I’m afraid of hitting people – I don’t talk in the ring, I mean fights and things like that. So I have a habit of not throwing right hand.

“She shouldn’t have been allowed to be honest, she was staggering everywhere.

“Like (Dionte) Wilder, I have the ability and if I land it right I can knock out anyone in the world.”

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