Boxing News 2022, Simiso Buthelezi video loses its bearings in African headlines

Warning: Harassing content.

South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi is reported to be in stable condition after apparently losing his bearing during the title fight.

On Sunday (AEST) Buthelezi was caught in a bout against Montungwa at Cefesihale in Durban for the WBF African Lightweight title when the horrific incident occurred.

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It was during the 10th and final round of their fight, and Buthelezi was looking to win a point against his opponent.

He pushes Montungwa back on the ropes, and the latter falls through them, causing the fight to stop for a moment.

Seconds later, when the fight resumed, Buthelezi lost sight of his opponent and walked towards the referee instead.

As the referee moved off the road, Buthelezi threw a few punches into the corner as his opponent stood behind him anxiously.

The referee, noting the seriousness of the situation, called for an immediate end to the fighting and for Buthelezi to be taken to a medical facility before being transferred to a hospital.

Muntungwa won the lightweight title but the WBF decided to delay the presentation of the belt out of respect and concern for other fighters.

A boxing podcaster on Twitter later shared an update on Buthelezi’s condition.

“Sources have shared that Simiso Buthelezi is currently in a stable position in South Africa and it will be known in the next few days what could be a very scary and closed reaction to the ring,” Tim Box also tweeted.

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