Boxing News | South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi has died after a chilling stop

The South African boxer who lost his bearing in the title fight in Durban has died.

Simiso Buthelezi fell into a coma on Sunday (AEST) after being taken to hospital after a fight against Montungwa at Cefesihall for the WBF African Lightweight title.

Boxing South Africa released a statement on Wednesday confirming Buthelezi’s death.

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“Towards the end of his fight, Mr Buthelezi collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he was found to have suffered a brain injury that led to internal bleeding. Mr Buthelezi was given the best possible care at the hospital but died last night. The statement said.

“Boxing South Africa will conduct an independent medical review of the injury and then release the results of that medical review.”

The incident happened during the 10th and final round of their fight and Buthelezi was looking to win a point against his opponent.

He pushes Montungwa back on the ropes, and the latter falls through them, causing the fight to stop for a moment.

When the referee resumed the fight moments later, Buthelezi lost sight of his opponent and walked towards the referee instead.

As the referee moved off the road, Buthelezi threw a few punches into the corner, as his opponent stood behind him anxiously.

The referee, noting the seriousness of the situation, immediately ended the fight and Buthelezi was taken to a medical facility and transferred to a hospital.

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