Brady Takachuk is a good brother

Did the uncontrolled first game of the Alberta series ever depict the plight of the older siblings as early as Wednesday night? Matthew Takachuk, relatively calm against the last round of Dallas, scored the first play-off hat-trick of his career: a deviation from the power play; Separation off a failed Edmonton clearing attempt; And an empty-net that would be the 15th! And the last goal of the game, a 9-6 Calgary win. He was just asking to be upstage. And he was happy to force Flemes to continue his race as the next season’s unlikely hero – Matthew’s younger brother, Brady, the captain of the Ottawa Senators who has moved on to Flemes’ superfandom that his own season is over.

Wherever Brady goes, the camera follows. Last night, he was Filled two beers in his back pocket And another in his hand when he hi-fiveed the fans on the way to his seat. She Discarded T-shirt At a Flame watching party of the last series. He seems to be approving of selfies to ask anyone. In a pregame interview On Sportsnet BroadcastHe threatens (?) To sing “Mr. Stand Brightside,” maybe the tarps are off. “(It’s hockey for the shirtless.) To celebrate Calgary’s victory in Game 7 against Dallas, he Lifting some baby On his shoulders and walking him up and down the steps of their division. Matthew Confirmed to reporters He later said he had no idea who the baby was: “I’m surprised his parents let him go over Brady’s shoulder.”

The whole Takacuk family is joking: Keith, probably rightly believing that empty hat tricks can’t be counted, was caught on camera last night refusing to drop his hat for his son. (Lip-readers a “No, it’s my favorite hat!”) I’m sure every time there’s a family shot on TV, the lonely looking sister Terin, who plays field hockey at the University of Virginia, is seen dancing or singing.

Brady’s high spirits have already expressed the kind of annoyance of columnists who wonder why a hockey player who failed to make the playoffs is allowed to laugh or even leave home. “It’s very strange to me to be the super fan boy of another NHL team captain, Matthew Takachuk.” One said. It might be really weird that some Dufass on the stand blocked his way to a blog headline that could instead focus on entering it with anxious goaltending, anxious rush defense, a thrilling Oilers return, four Connor McDavid points or Milan Lusic. Zach Cassian. But if those weasels are the most annoying siblings, then the best and sweetest parts of it are also displayed here.

This guy really loves his brother. This family just likes to hype each other. Who among us has never been to a middle school band concert audience or to the stand of the worst softball game you have ever seen? A few years ago, a story in The Athletic told the Tkachuk brothers about a very different approach to a high school state field hockey tournament where Terin once played. Brady gathered the crowd. Matthew, meanwhile, said he was so nervous he couldn’t see, and instead “stood in the bush” with strangers the whole time. When he saw Terin’s overtime game-winner out of the corner of his eye, he “just ran out of the tree” to run on the field with Brady. A referee shouted for them to get off.

Brady, for his part, believes his brother will reciprocate the opposite. “We’re actually talking about him, after the debauchery I was doing,” Brady said Told ESPN. “I don’t think she’ll fit in with everything, but I think she’ll be as excited as I am.”

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