Broncos Herbie Farnworth Agreement, Darren Lockyer Comments, Fullback, Dolphins

Legendary Bronco and board member Darren Lockyer say there is no guarantee that young gunman Harbi Farnworth will be willing to become a fullback for the club once he signs a new contract to stay in Brisbane.

The Broncos, who have found themselves back in the top eight and are gearing up for final football after missing the previous two seasons, got an extra boost this week as Farnworth rebuilt the club for another season.

It has been widely reported that the 22-year-old is being chased by at least five NRL clubs, including the Dolphins, who will enter the competition next season.

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Lockyer said Farnworth’s new deal is a sign that the club’s winning streak is rubbing off on players.

“There’s no doubt that winning makes your footy a much happier and more enjoyable game,” Lockyer told Wide World of Sports. QLDER.

“At the beginning of the year, Harbi, we were keen to keep him.

“We knew the Dolphins were chasing him, like any other club.

“I think we were keen to secure him in the pre-season – he wanted to wait and I think it was really to see if he thought the club was going in the right direction.

“I think over the last five weeks, maybe, there were a lot of players and lots of fans, starting to feel like it was going in the right direction and it probably had a huge impact on his decision.”

Farnworth, who has played 51 games for the Broncos, has cemented himself as the club’s most damaging outside back.

Through 10 games in 2022, he has made seven attempts to his name.

It remains a mystery as to what Farnworth’s role with the Broncos will look like next season.

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Farnworth’s bid to become the Broncos’ No. 1 means he will have to overtake current fullback Te Maire Martin, as well as rising star Selwyn Cobo, who has been linked with a move to fullback.

“We have to give Mayer a rap as well. He has added another dimension to the team since he came to the Bronx. [No.1] Jersey, “Lockyer said of Farnworth’s bid to play fullback.

“There is an ambition from Harbi to play fullback and I think the club is willing to give him a chance, perhaps to train there in the off-season and try to develop himself.

“He has signed a one-year contract. There is no guarantee that Harbi will be No. 1 next year.

“He’s a quality player that he’s going to play at least left center for the Broncos and when he comes to discuss his next deal.”

Speaking to Lockyer, former legend Bronco Wally said Farnworth could “certainly” play the No. 1 role, but said Martin deserves credit for this year’s Broncos resurgence.

“I’m glad that Mikey mentioned Martin in Lucky. I’m a huge fan of this guy,” Lewis said.

“There’s no BS about him, he gets in there and injects himself into the game pretty well … his ability to be able to give a boost to the Broncos in his performance has seen some great success on their field.”

Lockyer said Martin, who only returned to the NRL this season after a brief retirement due to a serious head injury, was reminded of cowboy fullback Scott Drinkwater because of his ability to play as a playmaker.

Both Martin and Drinkwater have played half of their careers before turning into fullback roles.

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“He’s just like the Cowboys’ Scott Drinkwater – a playmaker playing in the No. 1 jersey, allowing only the men outside of him, especially the center and winger, with some space,” Lockyer added.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Selwyn and Herbie need to develop their game.”

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