Broncos Herbie Farnworth contract extension, Dolphins, Wayne Bennett

Broncos center Harbi Farnworth has agreed to a one-year extension to stay with Brisbane, closing the Dolphins’ doors, according to Ben Dobbins of Nine.

Dobbins revealed earlier this year that Farnworth is being chased by at least five NRL clubs, including the Dolphins.

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The signing could not have come at a better time than for the Broncos, who have found themselves back in the top eight and are firm for final football after missing the previous two seasons.

Farnworth, who has played 51 games for the Broncos, has cemented himself as the club’s most damaging outside back.

Through 10 games in 2022, he has made seven attempts to his name.

The Dolphins will compete next season under legendary coach Wayne Bennett.

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In recent weeks, the Dolphins have signed a two-year deal with a number of offensive players, including Panthers’ Robert Jennings and Knight winger Edrick Lee.

The Dolphins are also particularly interested in Storm players.

Brothers Jesse and Kenny Bromwich, as well as State of Origin back-rower Felice Kaufussi, have all signed with the club from next season.

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