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Brent Naden has left the Bulldogs, signed with the West Tigers and is set to face Canterbury on Friday night.

He had just eight NRL games on his two-year contract with the 26-year-old Speedstar Bulldogs.

It was an amazing turning point in the Bulldogs’ nightmare week, which turned ugly when Trent Barrett resigned as coach on Sunday night.

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It turns out that Naden moved to the Bulldogs because he had a contract with Canterbury to play under Barrett. Naden was at the Panthers when Barrett was assistant coach at Penrith.

Naden’s move has raised the risk of the club’s high-profile employers, such as Matt Burton, William Kikau and Reed Mahoney, backflipping their contracts.

Burton came to Canterbury after Penrith won the 2021 Grand Final and has been under contract with the Bulldogs since 2023.

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The Bulldogs have not yet announced their interim coach for the rest of the season, but football general manager Phil Gould told reporters Monday he will make an internal appointment.

Tigers coach Michael Maguire has named Naden in his extended squad for Friday night’s match, which is set to take place at Leachhard Oval.

Naden made his NRL debut in Round 12, 2019 and played 45 matches with the Panthers and Bulldogs.

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