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Former Sharks Premiership-winning coach Shane Flanagan has made it clear that he is shooting for the vacant Bulldogs position, announcing that he would “like to do the job” and “ready to roll”.

Flanagan is one of the names that was tossed in the wake of Trent Barrett’s departure last Sunday night, as the Bulldogs are looking for a new man to help them out of their crisis.

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Flanagan pushes his case harder when pressed on 2GB Continuous call team On saturday.

“First of all, I haven’t had any chats with the Bulldogs. Honestly, I have no idea what their plans are. I want to do the job. I want to go back to coaching at the NRL level. I think I could have done a better job there,” Flanagan said. .

“But, as I said, I don’t know what their plans are and what process they’re going through. I think it will be decided in the next few weeks. But there is no communication at the moment.”

Flanagan said he plans to talk to Bulldogs football general manager Phil Gould in the coming weeks.

“Finally, I think I need to talk to Goose, which I’ll do in time. He’s got my number, so if he wants to do something very easy, fast-track. Let’s go through it, “Flanagan said.

Potter Bulldogs surprised by the coaching role

“I’m there, I’m ready to roar and I want to be able to do the job.

“I was actually a Canterbury junior, I have a lot of history with the club and when I was a kid and then obviously in first grade, the Bulldogs were a team of guns. Terry Lamb, David Gillespie, Steve Fox and the likes … There was a team and a great club and I want to be able to bring them back to where they were. “

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A potential obstacle in Flanagan’s path is his son, Kyle, who is Canterbury’s first-choice halfback at this stage.

Penrith’s mentor Evan Cleary has no problem coaching his son Nathan, as his son is a game superstar and his place is never questioned.

But Kyle is a first-class footballer.

“I coached Kyle to the Sharks for two or three years … I brought in Matty Mylan and Chad Townsend was the current half at that stage after James Maloney left,” Flanagan said.

Gold’s plan to overhaul the bulldogs

“At that point Kyle was probably not ready to play in the first class and I had no problem bringing anyone.

“He made his debut in 2018 and played a few games here and there between ’18 and ’19, but unless he’s the club’s best halfback (Bulldogs) … he won’t play. And Kyle knows that himself

“Just over Kyle – you haven’t seen anything he can do at the moment. I think he’s probably lagged behind for the last 18 months for various reasons. But he’s a better player than he looks. Moment. I know he’s really tough in the right environment. Can compete. “

Flanagan coached Cronulla in 185 NRL games in two terms.

He was fired due to the sharks’ performance-enhancing drug scandal and returned before the 2015 season.

But he resigned in January 2019 when NRL canceled his contract with the club during his suspension.

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