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Canterbury boss Phil Gould said he wanted to remind the Bulldogs of the “rock bottom” and dropped an indication of “an experienced man” as the search for a replacement for Trent Barrett began.

An interim coach will oversee the first-grade team for the remainder of the season, and in the meantime, Gold will consider his options for a full-time position as he plans to take the Bulldogs out of the muddy waters.

If you put pressure on Nine 100% feet If Paul Green or Shane Flanagan appealed to him on Monday night, the general manager of Canterbury football said he hoped they would stay in the equation.

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Green coached the Cowboys in 167 NRL games and led them to the 2015 Premiership, and Flanagan supervised the Sharks in 185 matches and guided them to the 2016 title.

“I think it’s a job for an experienced person. It’s not an easy situation,” Gold said.

“I can remember on this show two years ago – I wasn’t involved with the Bulldogs – I recommended to Trent Barrett that it was a hard job and if I were he I wouldn’t accept it. Unfortunately it ruined him.”

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Flanagan resigned from Cronulla before the 2019 season when the NRL de-registered him for breach of integrity, while Green left North Queensland in July 2020.

Why would Gold not train a fighting dog?

“I’m sure they’ll be in the mix,” Gold said before predicting what the process might look like.

“I need to see who has applied before. No one has applied yet. Player managers will ring to see when we apply. In the next few weeks people will start to get busy … and they will probably want to keep an eye on the bulldogs and Let’s see what they do in 18 months. “

The Bulldogs have not qualified for the Final Football since 2016, when they climbed to seventh place in the stairs and were eliminated by the Panthers in the first week.

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Des Husler, who was in charge from 2012 to 2017, was fired by the Bulldogs due to poor results and a dispute with the board.

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Dean Pay, working man from 2018 to July 2020, was dropped due to team performance.

And after Steve Jargalis served as interim coach for the rest of the 2020 campaign, Barrett took control in 2021.

The Bulldogs have collected 2021 wooden spoons and are anchored at the bottom of the stairs, after 10 rounds this season.

Barrett walked in the wake of the Bulldogs losing 16-6 to the Knights on Friday.

“It’s not going to be an easy time,” Gold said.

“It’s been five years since the club got to this point. I want to think that we hit rock bottom today. I want to think that it will not go back from here.

The Bulldogs will meet the 15th-ranked West Tigers at Leichard Oval on Friday.

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