Bunker overhaul planned; Set to release Tyrell Sloan Dragon

The NRL is ready to remove low-performing officials from the bunker in a move that will delight frustrated coaches, players and fans.

Wide World of Sports has learned that senior NRL executives are deeply concerned about the inconsistency of bunker rules.

As a result, several major offenders will be removed from working in a large shift in high-tech rooms that will improve bunker continuity.

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Former referee Steve Chidi, who presided over the grand final from the State of Origin Games and Bunker, recently resigned and is unlikely to return.

In eight rounds of clashes between the Raiders and the Warriors, Chiddy brings a howl, giving the Warriors a controversial late penalty when prop Matt Lodge stays on the ground holding his face after facing an alleged high-shot.

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Knights burnt in bizarre bunker calls

The Warriors equalized the score by kicking the next goal and winning the game in extra time. The lodge later admitted that he had given fine milk, the communication was shown to be minimal.

Several more officers who have struggled with the technology will also be gradually removed from the bunker, only proven performers will get the game – even if it means they will do several each weekend.

Fans have been outraged by the bunker for several seasons, with coach Ricky Stewart, Des Husler and Todd Payton criticizing its role in the game-calling in recent weeks.

The SLOAN dragon can leave

Don’t be surprised if the talented young Dragons fullback Tyrell Sloan – marked the next big thing in Dragons earlier this year – leaves the club.

Sloan was recently fired by coach Anthony Griffin and told friends he believed he had no future at the club.

His confidence has shaken badly and with Cody Rams starring in fullback last weekend, Sloan will not return to the top grade anytime soon.

The youngster has already been dropped twice in the first 11 rounds of the season as an ideal signing for Wayne Bennett and the Dolphins.

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Barrett moments that add to him

Trent Barrett’s time in the rugby league has probably come to an end after the erratic departures of both Manley and the Bulldogs, and he has become the subject of much ridicule for both.

Some blocks are not cut for coaching but let me share a story that shows what Trent Barrett, the man is like.

About 20 years ago, when Barrett was captain of the Dragons, and one of the NRL’s most glamorous boys, a screen was raised before a game at Kogarah.

It was a huge discrepancy – a dragon under the age of 20 defeated a team on the Central Coast by more than 100 points.

I was on the sidelines as the teams left the field and several poor kids on the coast were crying – and the Kogarah crowd was not kind to them.

Barrett was on the sidelines of a TV interview as the players left the field and saw the plight of some children on the Central Coast.

I will never forget how he quietly approached them, told them to keep their chins up, and said that he had cut some big belts as a young player in his time – and they could come back from it just like he did. .

The sad expression on the faces of these kids changed immediately and it shows that although Barrett may not have been seen in the best coach league, he was certainly one of the best blocks.

Slater Shock is on the verge of a teenage debut

Corey Oats, Kyle Feld, Murray Toulagi, Selwyn Cobbo and Xavier Coates are all available and in good form have an embarrassing situation for Queensland’s wealth.

But after his dynamic performances over the past two weeks, Kobo will be the first winger to be picked.

Despite his tender age (19) and lack of experience, Cobbo is enlightening the NRL.

Against the Knights last Thursday, he made two tries, 224 running meters, nine tackle breaks and three line breaks.

The teenager has the speed and ability to cause all kinds of headaches for the Blues and I hear Queensland coach Billy Slater thinks it is too dangerous to leave him.

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