Cady Jim receives 18th green flag at ‘Bonus’ Mac after Justin Thomas’ victory at PGA

Justin Thomas Cady presents Jim ‘Bones’ McKay with a unique memory of their win at the PGA Championship, highlighting the appetite of the now-disrespectful Phil Mickelson in the process.

Mack’s 25-year partnership with Mickelson won five major titles, but ended in anger when Mack resigned in 2017, reportedly owed several thousand dollars.

The revelation is contained in the recently published biography of journalist Alan Shiponk, who said that the description of the mutual decision to split in 2017 was out of the question.

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“The statements made the divorce amicable, but it was nonsense,” Shipnack wrote to

“Bonus fired Phil at the ’17 Memorial, with several thousand dollars in overdue back pay, over a number of heated allegations (detailed in the book).”

Shiponak’s book estimates that Mickelson lost a total of $ 56 million in gambling over a four-year period from 2010-14.

Thomas’ win at the PGA Championship highlighted less than any of Mickelson’s favorite features. It is a tradition in golf to hold the flag from the 18th hole for the winning caddy, but instead of honoring Mackay, Mickelson kept the flag for his grandfather.

“It’s a monster — you’re close to a caddy,” Shipnack wrote, quoting a source close to Mack.

“When Phil won the Masters, he got the green jacket, the trophy, the big check, all the glory. Did he have to carry the flag too? It was disrespectful for Phil not to follow the tradition.”

When the pair split in 2017, Mickelson sent the flag to Mackay, autographing “jokingly large letters” that Mack thought had “distorted” the maintenance.

Mickelson’s approach was completely different from that of Thomas, who confirmed that Mack had placed the flag from the 18th Green at the Southern Hills Country Club, as well as praising the ‘bonus’ for a pep-talk after the third round.

“I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be able to stand here if he didn’t give it to me … not necessarily a speech, but a speech, if you will,” said Thomas.

“I just need to get some steam out. I don’t need to bring my frustration and anger with me. I don’t need to leave the golf course in the negative frame of my mind.

“I played pretty well yesterday (third round) for a four-over shoot, and I thought I played terribly. And (Mac) was just like, ‘Dude, you have to stop being so hard on yourself.’ Every week there is a debate about what we are playing.

Mickelson, who won the oldest title at last year’s PGA Championship, has not played since the Saudi International in February.

A quote from Shiponak’s book later that month quoted Mickelson, who was involved in a Saudi-backed rebel tour in front of Greg Norman, described the Saudis as “terrible mothers ——“.

Mickelson also reports that doing business with the Saudis is worthwhile, despite their miserable human rights record, if that means reshaping the PGA Tour.

The 51-year-old apologized for the comments, which he claimed were taken off the record and out of context.

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