Cam Newton has a low profile flight to Maryland

Defender staff spent the first afternoon thinking about what it would be like to fly a commercial plane for Cam Newton. Will the various pocket watches and belts of the quarterback hold the safety line? Can a particularly wide-brimmed hat double as a flotation device? These questions arose when a friend of Defender Kevin P. sent a picture of Newton boarding a flight from Atlanta to Baltimore today, confirming that QB was indeed always dressed like this.

In addition to the hat, Newton, who “flew all over” and was described as having a “very big head”, was identified by us as the Alonzo Morning Hornets jersey and a blazer. When Kevin got off the plane, he noticed in Newton’s seat “two large pieces of uneaten cake lying behind”; He believes Newton bought the cake at Atlanta Airport.

Newton’s fashion sense has made him an obvious aircraft presence before. A 2016 ESPN story about his hatmaker has similar anecdotes about a different hat:

Mark Anthony Green, the “Style Guy” nominated for Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine, discovered himself earlier this year on a Red-Eye flight from Los Angeles to New York City with Newton.

They didn’t talk to each other, but the first thing Green noticed was a “farrell hat.”

“I was, ‘Man, it’s an inconvenient article, like a flying suit,'” Green said. “It simply came to our notice then. He was already extremely tall (6-foot-5), and as far as I know he kept the hat on the whole flight, which is ridiculous.

“I think it added a foot and a half, about two feet (in its height). You just can’t miss him. You’re not going to miss him before, but you can’t really miss him now. “

If Newton wants to travel more prudently next time, he might consider checking his luggage at the airport instead of bringing his luggage on the plane and footing it in the overhead compartment so long that he has time to take a picture of a fellow passenger and send it to us. .

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