Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters, Jordan Rapana Egan reportedly kicked

Canberra winger Jordan Rapana was reportedly hit with his boot during the Raiders’ six-point win over the Roosters.

The incident occurred in a tackle early in the second half when Rapana was brought down by two cocks when Egan Butcher grabbed her by the leg.

Rapna retaliates, taking off her boots and hitting the butcher in the face, causing her opponent to bleed.

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Rapana was included in the report, and when it is released on Monday, the NRL Match Review Committee report will be sweating.

But Nine commentator Andrew Johns expressed sympathy for Rapana, saying the second rower on the roster should not have placed himself in such a weak position.

“I thought it was a really dangerous tackle from Butcher, he went really low on the back of his foot,” Johns said.

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