Canterbury Bulldogs v Newcastle Nights Results, Kick Off Time, Manly Sea

Newcastle boss Philip Gardner has announced that the club is backing under-fire coach Adam O’Brien and could be part of the club’s long-term future.

The Nights will start the Magic Round against the Bulldogs from 6.00pm (AEST) – this blog has you covered for all the action!

Despite starting the 2022 season with a winning streak, Newcastle have dropped their last seven games, and just last week the club snapped a two-game skid, with no attempt made.

Part of those fights is due to the injury crisis, with top 17 players like Jaden Braille, Dan Gaggai and Kurt Mann all out, while former kangaroo and NSW star Tyson Frizel is away due to illness.

Kalin Ponga and Lachlan Fitzgibbon were also out due to injuries.

Despite what has gone wrong this season, Gardner has confirmed that O’Brien is still the man to lead the club.

“We have no doubt that Adam O’Brien is the right coach for us,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I see his work ethic, how hard he works and his relationship with the players is very good. We have no problem with that. I think Adam will be our head coach for a long time to come.”

“We hope Adam stays with us for the next 10 years,” Gardner added. “I think we have the right team. Our club is a team and good clubs have great teamwork.”

O’Brien is currently under contract until the end of 2024.

Gardner’s comments came after some sections of the media criticized the Newcastle coach.

Former Cronula Sharks captain Paul Galen said earlier this month that O’Brien should have been put under pressure.

“Fans, sponsors and people who go to the game don’t care … they come back, pay their team to see them perform and they do their best,” said Galen Nine. 100% feet.

“I think there will be pressure on the coaches. Whether it’s fair or not, I know it’s not fair … The fact is, sponsors, people come back and pay them. They don’t care, they want to see. The team performs. . “

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