Carlos Alcaraz escaped from the match point down but the spectators could not escape from there

Carlos Alcaraz, the most exciting youngster in tennis, made a heroic return to the French Open on Wednesday, according to sources close to the situation, and is far from the situation but does not rely too much on technology. Making his second appearance in Roland Garros ’main draw, the 19-year-old was already a favorite to win. He was not expected to stumble early in the campaign.

In the second round match against veteran Albert Ramos-Vinolas, Alkarz took control for the first set and a half, then unveiled. Playing true crammy tennis with rare brilliance, he found himself down to two sets in one set and away from match points. Benefiting from some heartbreaking chokes from Ramos-Vinolas, Alcaraz was able to survive a long deuce game and steal the fourth set at the tiebreak.

What happened next is a legendary thing, so I haven’t seen it live and have to hear stories about it from people who live there – or who have had the privilege of living elsewhere, or who (publicly say they are) use illegal streaming sites. Like most American law-abiding champs, my access to the French Open is entirely authorized by the tennis channel. Today’s app refuses to stream or stay open for more than a few seconds at a time, I was jogging desperately on all three devices, when a prodigy made a shot that would enter the relay of his career, and the type stopped the ugly win that the champions Defines

Roland Garros has become my favorite slam without any fault of his own. Although all previous complaints about the Tennis Channel were editorial, These are completely technical. In general, I had a hit rate of about 50 percent for whether the app would crash when I opened a stream, but in many cases there is another broadcast available for the same event, so I can switch to any one of the other services to keep up with the hostile game. Pay for I had no such luck this time, and I certainly did My plight is not alone. Rights exclusive. Charging over $ 100 for this service. That’s how much Tennis Channel Plus costs অন্যতম during one of the most important tournaments of the year, and the failure to produce usable products is extortion.

However, Alcaraz went down on the first break in the fifth and was still able to recover. Here are the types of angles I missed when I frantically refreshed several streams:

And here he is recovering three overheads, while I was listening to the radio stream authorized by my colleague Maitreyi Anantraman with deep resignation:

It would be nice to see!

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