Carlton Blues beat GWS Giants, ruin Leon Cameron’s last game as coach, Jack

Carlton ruined the formality of the final game in charge of GWS coach Leon Cameron, beating the Giants by 30 points on Sunday, but the Blues may have lost star midfielder Jack Williams for the season.

Earlier this week, Cameron announced that he would resign after the Round Nine clash, paving the way for assistant Mark McVeigh to reign for the rest of the season.

Despite being without gun forward Harry Mack, the Blues stunned the Giants in the opening period, scoring the first four goals of the match.

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Although Cameron’s final rate inspired the rise of a few mid-games for the Giants, multiple goals from the Blues’ hosts eventually ensured Carlton’s victory.

Before his 193rd game led by the Giants, Cameron gave an emotional final speech aimed at his players.

“I have no regrets, boys,” Cameron said.

“I’ve got relationships from coaches, staff and players here that will last a long time.

“What you’ve done for me – I know this is my last game, it’s hard not to talk about myself – incredible. So today we play – play our favorite game, play the game we’re supposed to play.”

But the perfect ending didn’t happen because Carlton controlled every key statistic to consolidate his top-four position.

Towards the end of the first quarter, when Williams was about to take off and fall to the ground innocently, the Blues’ victory wound up.

Seeing the 27-year-old in visible pain and the way he walked down without anyone around him, it initially seemed like he was suffering from a serious Achilles injury.

However, according to Herald Sun reporter John Ralph, Carlton said his doctors’ initial examination of Williams did not determine a ruptured Achilles, thus the injury is being pronounced as a lower leg injury.

He will be confirmed by scan on Monday.

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