Casey Delacoa has addressed the “difficult” decision to cancel the WTA and ATP

Former Australian tennis pro Casey Delacoa has addressed the WTA and ATP’s “tough” decision to scrap ranking points at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.

Tennis regulators announced a joint ruling on Friday in response to the All England Club’s blanket ban on players from Russia and Belarus following the Ukraine attack – which would see no player earn points in their singles rankings at Wimbledon.

Talking about Nine Sports SundayDellecqua – who now works in tennis Australia – explains how the absence of a ranking point can punish some players.

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“This is a difficult reason because there are probably a lot of players who will consult the tour, but there will be a lot of players who will not be happy with this decision because they are really going to play at Wimbledon. Not for the dignity and ranking points of playing at Wimbledon,” he said.

“Ranking points determine a player’s whereabouts, where they are going, how they will advance to the next tournament, and perhaps where they have been selected.

“It will affect someone like Novak (Djokovic) … Novak, for example, the defending champion, will lose 2000 points and it will probably affect his world No. 1 ranking.

“There’s a lot to play.”

Another player who will be severely affected by the points ban will include Australia’s highest-ranked female Azla Tomljanovic.

After working hard to achieve a career-high ranking of 38 earlier this year, Tomljanovich worries that deleting points could result in him falling behind in the rankings.

“I don’t think they will carry the points earned from 2021, they will be deleted and then you will not have a chance to defend your points. I think it is very unfair,” he told AAP.

“It would be weird to go to Wimbledon where no points are offered.”

Tomljanovic is currently ranked 42nd in the WTA live standings, but according to current estimates, he could drop to 85th.

The 29-year-old reached the Wimbledon quarterfinals in his career-best performance last year as he beat Emma Radukanu, Britain’s US Open champion, to a career-high 430 points.

His total live points are 1216 – more than a third of his share in his previous game at Wimbledon.

Despite the injury, Tomljanovic is adamant he will never boycott a point-free Wimbledon.

“Sometimes something unfair happens and you just have to punch,” he said.

“I will not miss it for the world.

“Wimbledon is Wimbledon – and if you win it and don’t get any points, you must accept it.

“But I’m definitely going to be one of the younger players who’s really going to be affected – but it’s out of my control, so I have to try to do it well regardless.”

With more than a month to go before the world’s oldest slam starts on June 27, Delacoa said it was still possible to agree on a new arrangement.

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“Everyone is still in talks with each other, so the tours are still in talks with Wimbledon,” he said.

For now, however, the tennis world’s focus is on the Roland-Garros competition, which starts every Sunday night. No restrictions are being imposed for the event and full ranking points will be offered.

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