Cody Simpson opens ‘cool’ chat with Kyle Chalmer after Olympian

Cody Simpson revealed in a conversation with the six-time Olympic medalist that there was no suggestion of bad blood between him and Kyle Chalmers.

After the Chalmars backed out of their initial decision to sit out the FINA World Championships in Budapest, speculation spread about a relationship between the pair after Simpson was denied the opportunity to participate in the tournament in the process.

Chalmers hit out at media claims that his decision was based on Simpson’s relationship with Olympic star Emma McKinn.

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However, Simpson gave an insight into his and Chalmer’s relationship, explaining how his teammates reached out to clear the air.

“We had a chat last night,” Simpson told Amazon Prime Video.

“She was OK. She arrived somehow and we cleared the air about it. So everything is fine in this sense. I will respect her decision anyway.”

“I knew in that look that he had changed his mind.

“He has a place. I’m not second, I’m third. So it’s great for him to do it (finishing second), especially with limited preparation.”

Although Simpson enjoyed the most positive encounters at the Australian Swimming Championships this week, he was brought back to earth in the men’s 100m freestyle final.

After a successful protest, the 25-year-old was initially declared ineligible during the heat before being allowed to race from Lane Eight.

Despite swimming 49.34 personal best time, Simpson finished last in the final, which did not include the likes of Chalmers, Cameron McEvoy and Alexander Graham.

Young gunner William Young lost to Jack Inserti and Flynn Southam in the 100m freestyle final with a time of 48.55.

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