Collingwood Magpies Defeats Hawthorne Hawks, Craig McRae Talks About Jack Ginivan

Collingwood will seek clarification from the AFL on the assignment of young gunman Jack Ginivan, following suggestions that the young forward refused a free kick for high communication in the second half of a four-point win over Hawthorne.

Guinness was given two touch-free kicks in the opening quarter, one to hold and the other to push back, the latter arguably positioning a non-officiating umpire away from the ball.

But a change in the second half resulted in the umpires calling for “play-offs” on three occasions where Guinness seemed to be taken over by the opposition.

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After the match, Pais coach Craig McCrae was asked if Ginivan’s exciting style of play could influence the umpires’ decision.

“Maybe I need some clarity because as far as I know it’s (high communication) a free kick, so we’ll get some clarity around it,” he said.

“But I think you can’t give a free kick because we don’t like the fact that you get a free kick. I’m not sure about that. I’ll get some clarity around it.”

McRae also took issue with the idea that guinea pigs exaggerate communication to draw free kicks.

“Playing for free kicks is an interesting way to keep it,” he said.

“I think it’s really good for players to learn how to avoid tackles and how to avoid tackles and make it difficult to tackle.

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“We ask our players to spend time on the ball, which means you are probably going to have some contact with the front but we want to keep the ball in front of us.

“Tackling vs. being tackled, we practice that. I think it’s a skill.

He said it forced Tucker to stay “at his best.”

“Is it within the rules? There are no rules against the minute,” the coach said.

“Especially when you get a ground ball and then take a tackle. Dusty does it with one arm. Joel Selwood made a living from it. I think it’s a smart game.”

Hawthorn coach Sam Mitchell surprised by McRae’s comments.

“Clever little forwards, many of them have the ability to draw free kicks in their kitbags,” he said.

“Paul Poopolo is a guy I’ve played with for a long time and he’s a master. He has a real craft and if you’re going to be a little forward, it’s really helpful to have it in your kitbag.

“Guinness has a really good ability to draw a free kick and our players were very conscious about going into the game and I thought they handled these situations really well.”

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