Consider the terrible possibility that you will miss out if you lose the Pro Bowl

Fantasies are funny things, for the most part their expectations are higher than their perfection, and their perfection actually brings something unimaginably bad.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. According to that cheap teaser Ian report from NFL Media, Roger Goodell is no less a source, and we quote, “The game itself doesn’t work. We have to find other ways to celebrate the players. “

Now given that Goodell is taking part in the International Dane of Thieves Symposium … Wrong, the Spring League meeting in Atlanta, any soundbite comes with its own claim, known to veterans as the “My Ass, You Say” genre. Goodell rarely gets out of his bunker, and then only to deny well-reported things like the owner’s dissatisfaction with the settlement tax of Danny Snyder or Stan Croink, and we all roll our eyes, wishing we hadn’t ruined so little Fractions too. The rest of our lives are extensive. But he also knows that he can’t hold the audience for long without a little candy to mix with the pieces of glass, so he plays the Death to the Pro Bowl card on Monday. Not really to bury it, but to put a few handfuls of dirt on its still well-formed boots.

Before you imagine that the NFL has finally acknowledged the fact that it voluntarily maintains a form of entertainment that embarrasses even its own shameless self, remember that Goodell hinted earlier without actually eliminating it. He knows that players, teams and all right-thinking citizens consider the Pro Bowl as a back-up septic tank in the front yard of the palace. But he also knows that the millions of recipients who still watch Pro Bowl must pay the equivalent of four hours of programming, and that’s where your imagination ends.

So when rapport reports that the owners are “discussing the Pro Bowl and discussing ways to improve it” and include the possibility of getting rid of it, he annoyed and frustrated us. You see, when owners are looking for ways to “showcase players,” they’re actually interested in creating an alternative tool for monetization when we as customers and citizens want. Welcome back for four hours. ”

What he’s really afraid of is that we’ll take it back to ourselves four hours before we get a chance to get credit for returning it, let’s replace it with something that might actually be more resistant. He wants to be the guy who says, “Look what I’ve done for you” before dropping a news Laws and orders Football spinoff, a Hard push Spring Edition or a full-on Players Variety Show: “And now we’re back to the rebellious Wilson and Tom Brady because they show us how Jimmy Garopolo pushes these puppies with just his eyebrows while lifting this equipment trunk.”

In other words, there may be worse ideas than Pro Bowl and when they are conceived, the NFL will deliver them. Because the relentless search for vehicles that can hold Lily off AT&T could end the worst athletic effort in this area. Battle of network starsLily is more likely to advertise than show less interest in their show.

You know how it ends: You missed the Pro Bowl because you made the mistake of expecting better entertainment from the people who carried you the Pro Bowl.

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