Cornish’s critique of Ken Kearns has been described as the “last straw” behind Boss Glenn

Criticism of Ken Kearns has been hailed as a “tipping point” behind the stunning departure of kangaroo list manager Glenn Laugh from the club.

Lough joined one of the three kangaroo workers to leave the fighting club this week, longtime National Recruitment Manager Mark Finnigan and National Recruiting Officer, Ben Barthisel.

The departure of Finnigan and Berthisel was expected by the club, but Luff’s departure surprised the North, with the club’s football boss, Brady Rawlings, simply saying in an interview with 3AW “to pursue other opportunities” that he would leave. Sports Day.

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After Cornelius took aim at Laff’s appointment and draft choice Monday night, The Age’s Caroline Wilson revealed that Port Adelaide Great’s comments were the final straw.

“I understand that Glenn Laugh has resigned as a direct result of what happened at Footy Classifieds on Monday night, which speaks to the frustration and confusion in North Melbourne at the moment,” he told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“Glenn Loof has clearly told friends that this was the final straw for him. He believes comments about him may have been leaked … he may have been targeted by others at the club. Maybe the CEO, maybe one of the coaches, I’m not sure.

“Who leaves a football club based on a negative comment if everything is going well at the football club? Obviously, Glenn Loof thinks someone from the club has come to get him. It’s a bad scene.”

Wilson’s report was backed up by Eddie McGuire, who spoke to Jump after his departure.

“He mentioned to me that there was a build-up and Ken’s comments were a tipping point for him,” he said. Footy is categorized.

Jebel Noble spray protects

The common denominator is: Kane has the right to say exactly what he said and what he said because it comes with the work. But people also have the right to say that it’s too much for me, and if you’re not right, for a million reasons It’s time to go. It’s hot in the kitchen. “

McGuire added that the “people of North Melbourne” had told him they wanted to see the jump and the rest of the recruiting team in public after Cornes questioned their move.

The departure of the three recruiters has come in a turbulent week for the North, which currently ranks 17th on the AFL ladder with a 1-9 record through 10 rounds.

North tried to form a United Front on Wednesday, hosting an internal Q&A session with the club’s CEO Ben Amerfio, under-fire senior coach David Noble and Rawlings.

It was a move that was not well received by former AFL coach Ross Lyon, who called the media “moderate”.

“It may seem shallow, but if I compare it to Collingwood or the West Coast, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Melbourne is that they are a batting club,” he said. Footy is categorized.

“For the seriousness of what was happening, it was nickel and dime. It was a casual couch, they were presented separately, it was internal, I didn’t need to see it.

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“I have to look for a professional chic dress because whenever you present it it is symbolic. To me, it is symbolic of where they are. It looked unprofessional and it was medium.

“In front of the media and sell hope and don’t give everyone an alibi. I haven’t heard of it, in the pre-season ‘this is what we expected’, they are selling hope.”

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